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Do I Really Need To Be A Heavy Broadband User?

When it comes to looks at ways to cut costs and save on the bills, broadband is usually quite far down the list of things that people can live without. Understandably in this day and age a

6 Cyber Security Products That Are a Must Have

Cyber security is a major concern for businesses big and small. Many of the most famous corporations have been in the news for big data breaches. When you run a medium or large business, you create and

Going Paperless with the Cloud

As businesses continue to grow and adapt with the changing times, more are opting to go paperless. The tech world is growing at a rapid rate and creating systems that allow business to streamline their services. The

Dealing With Swollen Batteries

Many of our everyday devices use lithium ion batteries and most of the time everything runs smoothly. But sometimes when a battery fails, it can become swollen, which can be dangerous. Here we learn about swollen batteries,

Technology Upgrade – Swapping Your Laptop for a Tablet

Tablets are quickly becoming one of the most popular gadgets around and for good reason, they’re highly portable, offer most of the apps of a mobile phone, and can often connect to both 3G and WiFi, meaning that

How Mobile Apps Have Revolutionized Different Aspects of Our Lives

Back in 2009, Apple coined the phrase ‘There’s an app for that’. And, with a jam-packed App Store and a bulging Google Play shop, Apple’s slogan has certainly materialized. Whether it’s checking our Facebook accounts during the

Is an iPad a Good Gift for a Pre-Teen Child?

The iPad is a really useful, and more significantly fun device, so it is no wonder that so many kids are pestering parents for one of these touch screen Apple tablets rather than more conventional toys. Of

Amazon Kindle Fire with improved support for the visually impaired

Good news for those who chose to shop for an Amazon Kindle Fire and have special needs but still want to read Kindle ebooks on your PC, since it has been improved in order to be more