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Running Slow, Running Hot: Computer Fixes Anyone Can Do

There’s nothing worse than using a computer that’s just not working correctly: slow loading speeds, programs that seem to bog down the machine and annoying error messages will ruin your experience and make you want to throw

Smartphone Screen – Is Bigger Always Better?

A 3-inch display used to be considered massive, but now it’s small and obsolete. Smartphones have steadily grown in size throughout the years, but is having a bigger display really better? There are many things to consider,

What to Do When You Don’t Have Enough USB Ports?

Modern computers make use of USB ports to connect to a wide range of devices and peripherals. Peripherals include your keyboard, mouse, speakers and USB drives. These USB ports make life much simpler for people who use

Flash Video Basics

In case you didn’t know, FLV stands for Flash video. FLV is used to play video using Adobe Flash Player. Flash Player by Adobe just had its sweet 16th birthday, so this article is fitting. Why is