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Poor Phone Signal? Ways to Get Better Reception at Home

Most of us have felt the frustration of having poor cell phone signal at home one point or the other. A spotty signal results in dropped phone calls, text messages that fail to send, poor voice quality,

Power Up: Top Pointers for Connecting Your New Computer to The Internet

Most software and hardware that you find on your new computer updates, downloads, and runs with very little help from the user, thanks to the advent of plug and play technology. This includes the devices and programs

How You Can Get On The Internet Cheaply

The internet is an amazing tool you shouldn’t be without. Sometimes your financials will stand in the way of that though. When that’s the case, you can feel a little bit helpless without it. Not to fear

Secure Connection While Using WiFi: Is It Possible?

Are you on a public network? If yes, you need to change the way you use the internet and the WiFi completely. When you are at home, you might share a number of things, such as folders,

How to Locate Free WiFi Wherever You Go

Having access to WiFi is very important, especially when you’re away from home. There will be many occasions where you will want to access your email accounts or view important documents stored in the cloud with your

A Few Simple Ways to Beef Up Your Router’s Performance

What do you actually do to boost your wireless speed? You look for two enhancements– distance and speed. Isn’t it? You really enjoy working on your wireless network when the speed is fast. However, if you get

Find a Cost-effective and Dynamic Way to Have an Access to the Internet

Suppose you are a journalist writing a report about an edgy hostage situation, and you are on a strict deadline. You do not have time to get back to your office, and if yo do you will