Poor Phone Signal? Ways to Get Better Reception at Home

Most of us have felt the frustration of having poor cell phone signal at home one point or the other. A spotty signal results in dropped phone calls, text messages that fail to send, poor voice quality, slow internet connection, or failure to load an app. And with the vast majority of Americans getting increasingly connected to the world of digital information, these annoying situations are becoming unacceptable.

how to boost phone signal

If you’re tired of missing important calls, texts and social media updates, stop wishing for a better signal. Here are some things you can try out:

Clear your home of obstructions

If you have a lot of clutter in your home — or just have some large objects that block cell and WiFi signals — consider moving some items around. If that doesn’t work, go outside or go to the second level of your home if you don’t have a one-level home.

Take advantage of your WiFi network

Connect your phone to your WiFi network whenever you can so you can access emails, social media accounts an even mobile games. Use WiFi calling capabilities on your phone so you’re able to still make and receive phone calls, even when your carrier’s signal is poor. Using a Femtocells or Microcell base station connected to your WiFi and cell network can also improve your connection.

Make sure your battery is always fully charged — or close to it

If your battery is on its last leg, charge your phone. Often, when your phone is searching for a nearby available cell tower signal, it takes more battery power. Thus, your phone may not have enough power to effectively connect to a signal. Some ways you can conserve battery power is by using the battery-saving mode (if you have a smartphone), decrease your screen brightness when you’re indoors, turn off unneeded push notifications, close unused apps that are kept working in the background and more.

Use a cell phone booster

Using a booster can greatly improve your cell signal. These boosters work by amplifying your current signals’ frequencies by antennas.

To choose the best signal booster for your household, it’s important to check which carrier service is strong in your location. Verizon tends to have more coverage across the country,  so installing a Verizon signal extender might be a good option. However, if you live near an AT&T cell tower, you might have to reconsider and go for an AT&T booster instead.

It’s also important to consider the area that you need to cover in order to boost your signal.

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