3 Reasons to Give IoT a Try as a Hobby

Internet of Things, or IoT, is everywhere. We see it in the smart hubs in our homes and a wealth of other internet-enabled devices. IoT is also very popular as a hobby, with communities of enthusiasts exchanging project ideas and growing together.

If you love building your own PCs or tinkering with gadgets, you will definitely love IoT as a hobby. Even better, getting started with IoT isn’t as difficult as you think, especially with boards like the Raspberry Pi that are made to be incredibly modular. To get you thinking about giving IoT a try, here are 3 reasons why you should.

internet of things (IoT)

The Possibilities Are Endless

IoT isn’t limited to certain applications. With the right sensors and a bit of programming, you can actually achieve a lot with a simple IoT device. You can, for instance, develop your own PC mods based on IoT, including cool devices like smart temperature monitors and a device that boots up your PC remotely.

These applications may seem complicated, but they are actually very easy to develop. You don’t have to be an expert hardware engineer or a programmer to develop an IoT device that suits your needs or solves specific problems. More importantly, there are plenty of guides and DIY projects to follow online now that we have a huge community of IoT enthusiasts.

Resources Are Plenty

This brings us to our second reason: there are plenty of IoT-related resources out there. There is nothing you cannot learn about this new trend in technology. Resources that cover everything from how to get started with a project to advanced sensors you can use in complex applications are always a couple of clicks away.

You can even customize PCBs and develop your own innovative hardware. A lot of enthusiasts use tools like gumstix software to design boards and have them produced. Pre-made boards from Gumstix, including specialized sensors and kits, are just as interesting to explore. If you can think of a solution, you can definitely build it.

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It’s Flexible

IoT components and boards are designed to be modular and flexible from the ground up. You can use a starter kit to develop something, and then reassemble or repurpose the same kit for something entirely different. There are more options when it comes to parts too. You even have solderless boards to play with when you are just getting started.

A lot of the IoT devices seen on the market today started life as a project by enthusiasts. Once you get past following DIY tutorials and get to know more about Internet of Things, you can begin planning your own projects and developing devices based on your ideas. Similar to the previous processes, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to turn a simple idea into a working hardware.

That’s the beauty of IoT – It is accessible. Even the available hardware and kits are growing rapidly to keep up with the growth of the IoT community. Expect to see more sensors, more capable boards, and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, making the IoT landscape even more appealing to enthusiasts.

[Image via: Google Images]