3 Top Trends in Home Security Technology

Think that locked doors and outdoor lighting is enough to deter thieves? Think again. If you already have a home security system, you probably already know that homes equipped with one are three times less likely to be robbed. But did you know that all security systems are not created equal?

Some security systems are more reliable or higher quality than others. And many new security camera systems now come equipped with advanced features that can help you better protect your home. Keep reading to learn three of the top trends in home security technology that you need to know.

top trends in home security technology

1. Staying Connected Via Wi-Fi

Smart home devices now allow homeowners to turn off their lights, check to see if their garage door is closed and even control their thermostat from anywhere, right from their smartphone. So it makes sense that this trend has crossed over into the world of home security as well.

The ability to check in on your home while you’re away has some obvious perks, but there are other ways homeowners can use Wi-Fi-enabled security camera systems. Since hackers can still access your other devices through your WiFi, make sure you have endpoint protection. When endpoint security is used, you have added security to your wireless network, your home and other personal information will remain safe. Parents can check in on their older children getting off the bus and getting inside the house. You can check to see who is at your front door while you’re upstairs in bed. Pet owners can even use it to check to make sure that their pet is okay in their fenced-in backyard. Some security camera systems even allow you to set up alerts to your phone; this means you’ll get a message when someone approaches your front door or a car pulls into your driveway.

2. 4K Video Capabilities

It’s been a long time since security cameras produced the grainy, pixelated images of early models. But if you think that all modern security systems are created equal when it comes to video quality, think again.

If you’ve shopped for a television recently, you know that 4K TVs are all the rage. That’s yet another trend that has crossed over into security systems. You can now get systems that record in stunning 4K. This quality is a big upgrade from the industry-standard 1080p. You’ll get crisp images of everything that passes in front of your camera. This upgrade could be the difference between getting a clear shot of the face of a porch thief and seeing only a grainy, non-descript image letting you know that someone stole your package.

3. Two-Way Audio

If you’re using your home security camera system for more than just keeping your eye out for people lurking around your home, two-way audio is one feature you’ll definitely want.

Two-way audio lets you check in with your kids while you’re still at work. You can use it to talk with the person delivering your package. If you’re home alone, you can even use it to talk with someone knocking on your door rather than opening the door and potentially putting yourself at risk.

Upgrading Your Home Security System With the Latest Features

Advanced home security technology like 4K video, two-way audio and Wi-Fi connectivity can help you better protect your home and your family, and even allow you to use your cameras for more than just security. If you’re still using an older system, consider upgrading to take advantage of these and other features today.

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