5 Most Common Problems With Shadow IT

Shadow IT is becoming more common with online companies and it is a growing problem that can cost a company severely.

Shadow IT could bring your company dangerous lawsuits, data stealing malware, and it opens up a window for potential data loss.

For those of you who don’t know, we’ll be explaining what shadow IT is and the risks associated with it.

shadow IT

What is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is regular software, installed into company computers without organization approval. These software installations can be legal or illegal depending on if the version downloaded was real or cracked.

Why do Employees Download Shadow IT?

Most employees do not understand the risks associated with shadow IT, mainly because their employer never explicitly told them to not download any external software without asking their permission.

Your employees likely just wanted to make their job more efficient not knowing what damage they can potentially bring to the company.

1. You Destroy Your Companies Cyber Security

When shadow IT is installed, it has the potential to install malware and viruses onto the computer. Employees usually don’t have a well versed knowledge when it comes to cyber security.

If malware were to get accidentally installed onto a company computer, it can lead to a whole world of problems in the near future.

2. There is a Great Potential for Data Loss

Company data ends up getting stored onto the shadow IT.

Imagine that.

Secure, highly important company information on a software that the higher ups are unaware of. You can protect your entire office with antivirus but if your employees take the information out of the company and put it in a vulnerable software, all that antivirus was for nothing.

3. There is Little Security on The Data Associated With Shadow IT

There is usually never any virus protection on the shadow IT. The shadow IT only has the regular software that was meant to get installed on it. Because there is no virus protection, the company risks a giant information leak because of its careless employees.

4. Potential Lawsuits

If illegal software or unlicenced software is found on a company computer, it can lead to the company getting massive lawsuits from the software owners. You really don’t want to get your company fined because of a careless mistake.

5. Waste of Time and Money

Employers put lots of thought into making the most efficient system for the employee to use. When third party software is brought into the equation, bringing the data between the softwares can waste lots of precious time. Also if the third party software has to go through maintenance checks, that can also eat up working hour time.

Shadow IT Can Be Avoided

You only got two ways to deal with shadow IT.

  • Install virus protection
  • Inform your employees on shadow IT and warn them not to use it

Protecting your office with corporate virus protection will ensure that even if an employee makes a mistake and installs shadow IT and you end up getting a virus, the company has a chance at defending against the virus from stealing corporate information.

As long as you keep your employees aware of it they won’t do it because you specifically told them not to use third party software without your permission. As long as you follow these two solutions, you will be perfectly fine.

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