Tips to Keep Your Android Phone Safe from Hackers

On one hand when the world gadget market is being flooded with new and incredible smartphones, there are some nasty people who are finding out ways to agitate these smartphone users. And this is how mobile hacking came into being. People use their smartphones to do a lot of things both online as well as offline. So it is quite normal that like your PC, your phone can also be hacked. You should always pay attention towards the apps you install as well as the data that you are storing in your smartphone device. So here are some very useful tips on how to prevent Android phone from being hacked and your smartphones safe from hackers.

android phone hacked

1. Keep wicked hands at bay

This is the most basic step towards protecting your Android phone’s data. It is always advised to set a very strong password for your phone as well as PC, including a combination of characters, numbers as well as special symbols. Apart from this, make sure that it comes with an automatic wipe function in case there is password failure.

2. Control your connectivity

Make it a point to turn off your Bluetooth as well as deactivate the automatic connection to Wi-Fi, as these settings may automatically be connecting to each and every network while you are on the go. Also, avoid hooking up with your old network, so that you are not answerable to your boss regarding your whereabouts.

3. Keep your eyes open while in public

According to, most users don’t understand public Wi-Fi risks and still engage in many dangerous online behavior. Before connecting to any public network or hotspot, make sure that the version of the concerned network is safe and secure. NEVER access online banking or personal company information while on a public network. This is the most hacking prone area.

4. Beware of free apps

Always download apps from trusted and authenticated websites, and make sure that the apps you use follow secure coding practices to minimize the risk of security vulnerabilities and unauthorized access. Apps downloaded from random sources may contain malware, spyware, worms and viruses that may eventually infected your Android phone. Also, never allow these apps to remember your passwords. Do not get lured by free apps as they may be infected. Download apps from safe and secured sources only.

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5. Keep your device healthy

In order to keep your device in complete health and to protect it from the latest security threats, download company based, trusted and the latest Operating Systems to keep your Android device updated. The Information Technology department can be very helpful in this respect.

6. Beware of mobile thieves

It takes just a few seconds for your phone to get stolen. This means that all your protected company information and personal data is in unsafe hands now. Once your phone gets stolen, inform the Police department as soon as possible. Use apps that can lock your content remotely.

7. The remote- wipe app

If nothing else is working, you can take care of your device on your own. Install the remote- wipe app so that you can take back the control of your device after it gets stolen. This way you will be controlling your phone remotely.

8. Rooted phones are at greater risk

Rooting is the process of removing restriction from devices in order to allow the usage of unauthorized apps and software. Rooted phones can give you the root access but in actual, rooting also gives easy access to hackers and other threats to your device.


Never put yourself in compromising situations. Keep your eyes open while downloading apps, using public networks and hotspots. Do not fall prey to phishing attackers. Never access online banking while in public networks. By following the above mentioned tips you can prevent Android phone from being hacked and keep it safe from hackers.

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