5 Reasons You May Want A Windows VPS

If you’re considering a VPS, there are a few different approaches you can take. While many people choose to use Linux, the truth is that there are also many reasons to stick to a Windows-based system. If you’re on the fence about what system to get, a Windows VPS might actually be your best option.

There’s a handful of reasons to use a Windows VPS. They are designed to better deal with heavy amounts of traffic, meaning you’ll get more mileage out of a Windows VPS as your website’s traffic develops. Still, other reasons exist to consider a Windows-based VPS. These range from obvious characteristics, such as the familiarity of Windows, to things such as software compatibility that you might not have even considered. Here are five of the top reasons that a Windows VPS might be for you.

Reasons to use Windows VPS


If you are used to using Windows rather than Linux, it might be easier to just stick with Windows rather than needing to learn to navigate in Linux system, as the “feel” and approach is totally different. If you are Windows user, using Windows VPS is drastically easier than trying to learn commands in Linux, and more so, trying to switch from Windows Desktop to Linux VPS might be unpleasant experience if you are not into learning new things when you don’t have to.

Remote Desktop Access

You will be in complete control of your VPS and know exactly what you are editing. It can look and feel a lot like using regular desktop. Besides, learning to use Remote Desktop can be very rewarding, it will teach you to access your own PC from anywhere in the world, and get you more comfortable with networking.

Price is not your primary concern, high traffic is

You do not care about minor financial extra cost associated with having to pay licensing fees to Microsoft. Hardware is also going to cost more, as Windows systems require more resources to run as well as Linux, plan on at least 2 GB RAM. Windows VPS are well suited for running high traffic websites.

Software Compatibility

If you intend to use Microsoft software, Windows VPS is definitely the right choice as Linux needs to emulate to run it, and will never run it as well as Microsoft Windows. To put it simply Windows Software might not run on Linux, at all, and when it does, it’s always a gamble that something will go wrong. Running Windows VPS you never need to worry about that.

Maintenance Updates

Ok – everyone needs maintenance updates, this means from time to time you’ll need to reboot your server “for maintenance”. It can be but a minor inconvenience, or not an inconvenience at all, but it is something you should keep in mind nonetheless

With these characteristics in mind, ask yourself now if a Windows VPS is for you. They’re not for everyone, but the benefits they provide can certainly appeal to a number of people. Even though a Windows VPS is going to require better hardware, you also get advantages that a Linux system just can’t match. Before you jump into one or the other, make sure that you’ve properly evaluated your options.

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What do you think and what are the benefits of Windows VPS? Would you go for it? Tell us in the comments.


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