5 Most Amazing Homemade Computers

Computers have definitely made a stamp on our every day living. They range from desktops to laptops, tablets, and have taken the form of smart phones as well. It’s no surprise that innovative individuals have thought outside the box to create five of the most amazing homemade computers that are pure imagination come to life.

self-made computers

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1. A Bathroom Mirror Monitor

One creative young man wanted to watch videos while in the shower. He managed to attach his computer monitor to the mirror, taking advantage of a projector that was laying around at his old school. It doesn’t take a big investment or anything high tech. The mirror was coated in phosphor and this brilliant mind knew how to use an old monitor and projector to make magic. What a great way to make a home theater in the bathroom! Here’s the YouTube video about this homemade computer monitor.

2. The 70-Terabyte Monster

A Russian brainiac got his creative juices flowing and built a computer made from a hodge podge of parts. It may not be pretty and it is definitely not compact. However, this could possibly be the most powerful computer in the world. Streamline this baby and he could have a big money maker. One look at this computer can give a glimpse into a brilliant mind. More details and images of the 70-Terabyte Homemade Computer.

3. Go with the LEGO and Save the Environment!

One computer enthusiast decided to combine a host of interests. He loved LEGO, was involved in building computers for the medical community to assist in research, and was also a strong advocate for protecting the environment. Somehow this amazing person, Mike Schropp, found a way to combine the use of several home computers to create a superhero in the computer world, topping off his invention with LEGO. The beauty of this particular machine lies in the fact that it will save energy as well. One small step for the computer world, one giant step for the environment! This machine is a work of art! More details and images about the home-built LEGO PC.

4. How About Teen Brain Power?

For anyone who thinks computers and gaming are just a way to waste time for the teens of today’s generation, nothing could be further from the truth for Jack Eisenmann. This intelligent youngster took advantage of his know-how, wires, a Tupperware container, and microchips. When all was said and done, he’d successfully created a computer with 8 bits of power. Impressive isn’t the word. His computer, coined the DUO Adept, could make him a fortune! Talk about time well spent! Here’s the YouTube video on how he built the DUO Adept.

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5. The Simon Relay Processor

For a blast from the past, take a peek at Edumund Berkeley’s invention from the 1950’s. A man ahead of his time, he devised a computer that could fit on a desk at the time when computers took up entire rooms, from ceiling to floor. He called it his electric brain and it set the stage for future developments in the computer world. A comparison shows how this field has grown in leaps and bounds. More about the Simon Relay Processor.

With the technological era in full swing, young people today live, sleep, and breathe computers. It will be truly fascinating to see what they come up with next. It will be no big surprise if more home brewed computers become the wave of future developments to hit the scene. For all those parents who moan about technology, they can take hope. Their children could put their knowledge, experience, and intuition to good use to create the next technological phenomenon.

[Image credit: ctitze, Flickr]


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