How to Fix A Slow Computer

There are many reasons for a computer’s speed to be decreased and the one most commonly causing this is an overloaded Windows Registry. The registry is the place where all crucial and necessary files for windows to start up are kept and key entries for software installations are made.

how to fix a slow computer

Overloaded Windows Registry

These information is well organized when you first purchased a computer, so the speed of the computer is quite decent initially. As time goes by and you begin to install more software and save more files, the Windows Registry gets overloaded with a lot of outdated entries. There are also possibilities for errors to happen in the entries.

At this point of stage, if the Windows Registry is not cleaned and regulated, the computer slows down. That is why an overloaded Windows Registry is one of the most common causes of a slow PC.

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Use Utility Software

Is your computer running slow? Chances are its Windows Registry is overloaded. So how can you fix this? The answer is with a utility software called – Windows Registry Cleaner.

RegCure – Widely used and reliable Windows Registry Cleaner

Windows Registry Cleaner is easy to install and it helps you by regularly scans and removes unnecessary files from the windows registry automatically. It is impractical to manually remove those files by yourself as the windows registry has thousands of critical and important files, if you remove some by mistake, the sky will fall to your head. Please do not attempt to remove files from the windows registry if you are not an expert, you will end up with more problems than just a slow computer.

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Give Your Computer A Check Up

It is better to use a Windows Registry Cleaner to do the job but you have to make sure that you choose the right product. A good Windows Registry Cleaner not only can identify the problems but fix them as well and works in a way that doesn’t use too many system resources while performing the scan.

There are many good Windows Registry Cleaner available in the market such as, RegCure, PC Speed Maximizer, PC Health Advisor, System Mechanic and so on. I highly recommend RegCure due to its capability and efficiency in recognizing the unwanted files, organizing the files that are critical and scanning the registry and keeping it clean regularly.

After using RegCure, you will see an obvious change in your computer – it becomes noticeably faster.


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