4 Home Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

I live in the most futuristic house you can imagine. My specially programmed robot cooks my dinner and pours my coffee in the morning. I have a special machine that drops down from my ceiling and picks up my dirty clothes on the bedroom floor, then it washes and irons them before laying them in a pile on top of my drawers. I don’t even need to choose what I watch on TV because I have a watch that does it for me. It senses what my interests are and chooses the appropriate program.

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home gadgets to make life easier
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How great would that be, right? Pretty amazing. Is it true? I’m not telling you, but there are some fantastic advancements in technology and our homes are getting a lot more exciting. Every week they are coming out with things that make our life around the house a lot easier. Gadgets that are available now can change your life. Maybe not in the same way as the first paragraph, but they take the stress out of the simple things.

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1. Never loose anything with Finder

Finder is a crazy little device that helps you find anything when you lose it. You need to take a sticker and put it on something you might leave lying around the house. The TV remote is always a good one because it always gets lost. You also have a device with a translucent screen. When you lose the TV remote you only have to pick up the Finder device and it will tell you exactly where it is. However, the distance it covers is not as far as the Apple AirTag.

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2. The E-Board (Easy Board) makes ironing easy

Ironing is a boring task and it takes you a while to do. It’s not like you can forget about ironing your clothes before you leave the house, so it has to be done. The E-board makes life so much easier. It can transform into the shape of the clothes you’re ironing and you can go much faster than before. Old ironing boards might become a thing of the past in the not too distant future.

Image source: yankodesign.com

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3. Install V Lock and never have trouble opening the door again

When you come home from the pub after a few drinks it’s pretty hard to get your key in the door. Even if you’re carrying a few bags of groceries it’s not the easiest thing in the world. If you have a V Lock on top of your normal lock you will never have any problems again. You just slide the key in from the top and the V Lock will guide it down into the proper position to slip right in. You’ll never have to sleep in the garden again.

V Lock
Image source: yankodesign.com

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4. Use Self-stirring Mug and throw away the teaspoon

When you’re making coffee in the morning you take your teaspoon and stir it. There’s got to be some way to skip that part and there is. It’s called the self stirring mug and it will stir your coffee for you. No more needing to take a teaspoon out of the drawer and get it dirty for a 2 second job. I’m trying to think what you’ll still need them for.

Watch the video below on Self-Stirring Mug:

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