Pushing The Limits: Why The Military Loves Rugged Computers (And You Should Too)

Have you ever wondered how the military copes in the digital age? Nowadays, everyone has some form of electronic device and relies on this each and every day. The military is no different. Rugged computers have been made and perfected so that the men and women fighting for us can still benefit from technology. Below is more information on rugged computers, how the military benefits from them and why you should like these devices as well.

What Are Rugged Computers?

soldier with a rugged laptopRugged computers are devices that have been engineered specifically to operate in difficult conditions. Would you take your laptop to a hot and sandy desert? Most people don’t even take their laptop to the beach because they know sand and dust will wreck their computers. Rugged computers are designed to function in harsh conditions and will continue to work despite this exposure. Rugged computers can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extremely strong vibrations, torrential rain, dust, and extreme temperatures.

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Why Does the Military Use These Computers?

A rugged military computer will be able to function regardless of where the battalion is posted. The military loves these devices because they can continue to function despite being exposed to RFI radiation, power interruptions, shock, vibrations, corrosives and water. Military computers are completely sealed, meaning dirt, dust and water can’t get into the computer and cause damage. In addition to this, the use of materials such as aluminum and magnesium increases the hardware’s resistance to certain contaminants. In an environment where technology is still required, this resistance is integral.

Rugged military computers haven’t always been as effective as they are today. For example, they used to be very slow and the operating system was difficult to master, especially in high-stress situations. However, technological advancements have been made, and the military is benefiting from these computers more than ever. Rugged computers have a low-heat CPU meaning the device can continue to function even in hot desert conditions. Advances have been made to reduce mechanical failures, increase security, and improve memory. The operating system has also been improved to make it easier to use. Additionally, these computers are equipped with a rugged Ethernet switch and wireless capabilities.

How Can They Benefit You?

These computers do not just benefit the military – they can also benefit you! The military is not the only group that uses rugged computers. Other industries that rely on these computers include public safety, transportation, field sales, and healthcare. The advances made with the military in mind will also make technology more accessible for people requiring technological devices in these fields. These computers are small, light, reliable, fast and incredibly versatile. Rugged computers are an incredible asset to the military, and recent technological advancements mean that the military now cannot do without these computers. The advancements do not just benefit those fighting in the field, though; they will benefit a variety of other people who are also exposed to harsh conditions, extreme weather, or corrosives.

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