How to Choose the Best Business Mobile

A business mobile is more than just a way to communicate with your clients, partners, and co-workers. A business mobile is also a tool that makes your work more efficient and a fashion accessory that is supposed to impress others. This is why it is important how you choose your business mobile. Here are some tips to help you.

best business mobile
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How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

There are cheap business mobiles that do a great job but there are also very high end devices that don’t necessarily do a better job but are prestigious to own. Therefore, before you proceed to choosing a specific brand and model, you need first to decide how much you are willing to spend.

There are decent business mobiles for $100-200 or less but they are the cheap end, so if you are looking for a more impressive toy, you need to move to the upper segments. Anyway, decide that you are spending a particular amount, let’s say $500 and start looking for devices in that range only.

What Do You Need – a Smartphone, a Tablet, or Just an Ordinary Phone?

Before we get to the technical parameters of the device you are looking for, there is one more decision to be made – the type of device you want. Do you need just an ordinary phone for calls mainly, or do you need a more advanced smartphone to help you run your business?

If you need a phone plus Internet access and the ability to work with applications, then a smartphone might be your best option. If you need the device mainly for Internet access and for work with applications but not for calls, then consider a tablet.

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Which Are the Features You Really Need?

The point that will take the most time for research and comparison is the technical features of the device. I am not going to recommend a particular device as the best business mobile simply because there isn’t (and can’t be) such a device. What is best for you, depends entirely on your needs, which are different from the needs of other business users.

The best you can do is think about which features you can’t live without and go to a mobile phone comparison site to see which devices currently on the market meet your criteria. Be prepared to spend a lot of time comparing models because the choice is really huge!

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Look for SIM Only Plans

It might look easier to get a good business mobile from your mobile operator than on the free market but usually this is not a good idea. Instead, search the free market for suitable mobiles and when you find one, go to your mobile carrier to pick a SIM only plan.

The best about SIM only plans is that they don’t tie you for years and they don’t include a subsidized handset you are paying dearly for. SIM only plans are much cheaper, too – even high end business plans with lots of minutes, texts, and data transfer don’t cost a fortune, as you can see from the comparison tables (applicable to UK mobile carriers only) on our site.


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