Console Gaming vs PC Gaming – Which is Better?

pc vs console gamingThere has long been a pretty major divide in the gaming world forming two distinct tribes: the PC gamer and the console gamer. These two have for a long time been arguing with each other about which is better, each defending their preference. This has been going on everywhere, the internet, gaming forums, game stores and more.

Okay, so there is some cross over, but most gamers tend to prefer one or the other. But when it comes to the crunch is one actually better? Here’s how the two types of gaming measure up.

The style of play

The ‘plug and play’ style of console games makes them hugely appealing to many. Switch it on, choose your game and you’re ready to play no matter what your technical know-how is. This has made consoles popular with people of all ages. You don’t have to set up a game or customize it – you can simply get started by inserting the game. This makes it user friendly and accessible by all.

On the other hand, the ability to customize play on PC games is exactly what makes it so attractive. Individual parts can be bought to create a super PC that creates the ultimate gaming experience. For those who take their gaming and tech seriously, the limitations of console gaming can be a real turnoff. Mastering the tech wizardry associated with gaming can be part of its appeal.

Intuitive or challenging?

Many people simply prefer the games designed for consoles and therefore stick to this format. Take the FIFA 14 PS3 game as an example. High quality and technically advanced play demonstrate just how complex console games can be. The console controller is also easy to operate and many people much prefer it to mouse and keyboard gaming, particularly for sporting games such as FIFA. However there are gaming controllers and joysticks for PC gaming too which make PC games appealing to some console gamers but are never enough.

Many PC gamers see console games as simplified and too easy to master. Games designed for the PC, on the other hand, are challenging to master and skill intensive in a way that console games could arguably never be. Using a keyboard and mouse to game arguably involves a more complicated level of skill and manipulation. There are more options which at the same time increases the difficulty.

The bottom line with gaming is that PC and console are so unique that it is very hard to compare them, let alone decide which is better. However, the pros and the cons of each side are clear. After that it depends on what each person is looking for in their gaming experience which also leads to the division of players in the groups of casual and hardcore games. Usually casual players prefer easy games that pose little challenge.

Which kind of gaming do you think involves the most skill, or do you enjoy both? Have your say in the comments below.


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