What’s the Best Tablet for Business Use? Inquiring Marketers Want to Know

Out of the nowhere it seems, tablets hit the scene and became one of the hottest sellers on the market of technologically advanced gadgets. In no time, these devices proved that they were not only useful to tech savvy consumers, but valuable to professionals as well. And while most offer a little something for everyone, some are better suited for marketers than others.

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Here is a list of the best tablets available for business use:

1. Third Generation iPad

ipad 3

Whether you want to call it the iPad 3 or the new iPad, the third generation of Apple’s market squashing tablet computer is like a dream come true for professionals. The latest version is equipped with a variety of business-friendly features, including faster access via 4G LTE data plans, seamless integration with a multitude of devices through Apple’s cloud-based storage service iCloud, and an enhanced display with a higher resolution that makes a notable improvement to image quality, which comes in handy for several business applications.

With prices starting around the $400 mark, the third generation iPad is a bit pricey, but businesses looking to boost productivity and make a lasting impression on clients in the process may find it to be a bargain at any tier.

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2. BlackBerry PlayBook

best tablets for business: blackberry playbook

BlackBerry maker RIM may be looking up at Apple in both the smartphone and tablet sectors, but it’s definitely not due to a lack of good products. RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has several features businesses may find useful, including a built-in HDMI port perfect for those HD presentations, Flash support, and seamless connectivity with BlackBerry phones. Bluetooth allows you to view content from your phone on your tablet, while enabling you to use your phone’s connection to get online with your tablet.

The Playbook is definitely an attractive buy with prices starting under $200. This series of tablets has a reputation for being incomplete, but if you’re like many owners who already conduct business from a BlackBerry phone, you may find it to be a worthy investment.

3. Nexus 7

best tablets for business: Nexus 7

Google dipped a couple of toes in the tablet market with Android, but looks to have firmly cemented both feet in the game with the Nexus 7, its very own tablet computer. One thing that stands out about this gadget is its ability to seamlessly consume content like a king. Whether its running productivity apps such as the ultra-helpful Advanced Task Killer or networking on Google+, the Nexus 7 delivers an optimal experience when digesting all sorts of content.

Google’s entry tablet is now available in a 16 GB model for $200. Businesses that need more capacity can upgrade to the 32 GB version for about $50 more. Boasting an HD screen, an integrated Google web experience, and the ability to hit 4G speeds, the Nexus 7 looks to be a capable companion for the digital professional.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 and 2

best tablets for business

The Samsung Galaxy is an Android-based tablet that may very well be the most worthy alternative to the iPad. Where it surpasses the iPad is its ability to support Flash, a knock against Apple’s mobile devices in general as they are not made to run the popular browser plugin. Support for Flash means Samsung’s tablet can deliver a better overall web experience, which might be a determining factor for businesses that deal with a number of web applications. The first generation Galaxy Tab is competitively priced coming in under the $400 mark.

Samsung recently introduced second generation versions of the Galaxy Tab in 10.1, 8.9, and 7-inch models. The 10.1 model features the same big comfy screen that made its predecessor such a pleasure, in addition to Android 4.0., the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. Known as Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Android is said to give the Tab a better user experience. Perhaps the biggest difference with the second generation is price as the 7-inch model can be found for under $200, making it an attractive option for teams funding by smaller budgets.

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A Ton of Tablets for Business

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface as far as tablet availability goes. There are several more, and even some of the lesser known gadgets could make handy business companions. No tablet is perfect at this point, so as the market evolves, their value to the savvy professional is sure to increase.

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