Can Kindle Fire Take on the iPad?

With the upcoming release of the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s first tablet, many people are wondering if the Kindle Fire will be hurting sales of the iPad, perhaps even beating it in popularity. Especially with the holiday season release, can Kindle Fire take on the iPad 2? Let’s look at some of the important aspects of each.

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2, which is better? Let us know in the comments.

kindle fire vs iPad

Screen Size: Toss Up

The iPad 2 has the advantage on this one with a 9.7 inch display while the Kindle Fire has a 7 inch display. Both are full color screens unlike the previous Kindles. The screen is still bigger than a smartphone though and many people do like the idea of the smaller screen because it is more portable and can be held easily in one hand.

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Features: iPad 2

The iPad 2 wins by a landslide when it comes to number of features. The Kindle Fire lacks a camera, microphone, 3G capabilities, slightly smaller battery life, and less storage space. Though, many people say they don’t mind the lack of a camera since most people have a digital camera or a camera on their phone, others are upset that the Kindle Fire won’t have the same voice chat and video chat capabilities. The Kindle Fire does make up for the storage by having unlimited cloud storage.

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Apps: iPad 2

The Kindle Fire will run a modified version of the Android OS. This means it will have access to several thousand apps on the Android marketplace. The iPad on the other hand has closer to half a million apps available for purchase and download. The Kindle Fire is working to make up for this by optimizing itself for streaming of video and music from the Amazon market. When you purchase the Kindle Fire you also get a free trial of Amazon’s newest premier service offering free 2 day shipping on all orders and free streaming of over 10,000 TV shows and movies.

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Price: Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

The price of the iPad 2 varies depending on if you get 3G, who your carrier is, and how much storage you get but you can expect to pay over $500 and up to $830 for an iPad 2. The Kindle Fire is priced at $199 and is even currently offering free shipping. This is going to be the big one since most people wanting a tablet will want it for entertainment purposes or casual use. The Kindle Fire looks to be very promising. Can the Kindle Fire take out the iPad 2? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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