Better Computer Screen Lighting with f.lux

Found this program called f.lux from a fellow blogger friend’s blog. This program can help computer users reduce eye strain during night time and allow a user to sleep better after computer usage.


I’ve downloaded f.lux immediately after reading the article and was not used to it at first, but I was quickly adapted and my eyes feel very comfortable after just a few minutes.

Research has shown that light emitted by computer screens may affect the users ability to sleep. It’s too soon to tell if f.lux will help me to sleep with ease, but it definitely helps in reducing my eye strain when I’m using my laptop by AUTOMATICALLY adjusts the computer display’s color temperature to the time of the day. People who use computers during night time or during hours when it is dark outside will surely benefit from using f.lux.

f.lux is also available for Mac, Linux and iPhone/iPad.

Read more about f.lux by visiting WhatsOnMyPC or you can download f.lux here.


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