BUMP Photos from Phone to Computer

Note: The BUMP app is no longer available. Read more. [Updated: September 20, 2023]

The BUMP app is no longer available
Note: The BUMP app is no longer available. Read more. [Updated: September 20, 2023]

You just took a photo with your iPhone or Android smartphone and would like to transfer it to your computer. Now what would you normally do?

You will look for the USB cable, right? You found it and connect your smartphone to your computer and have that photo transferred. Well done! But I bet you don’t bring along your USB cable with you all the time. What if you didn’t bring along your USB cable?

A Handy Phone-to-Computer Photo Sharing Tool

Although there are many other solutions on this, most of them require some little effort on the user’s part. We are living in a modern world with advancing technology, all of us are looking to do things faster, easier and more efficient. In this case, if you are looking to transfer images from your phone to your computer, then you should try the BUMP app.

No need to go searching for cables anymore. The latest version of BUMP allows user to seamlessly and wirelessly upload images from their smartphones to their computers with just a tap.

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How to use the BUMP app

Here’s how it works :

  • Download the BUMP app to your phone and open it (available for both the iPhone and Androids)
  • On your computer web browser, go to http://bu.mp
  • Allow it to track your physical location
  • Select the photos to be transferred from your phone
  • Tap the computer spacebar with your phone to confirm
  • A vibration on your phone indicates a successful transfer
allow BUMP to track your location
On your computer web browser, allow BUMP to track your location

Tap and Share

That’s it! Once you tap the computer spacebar and feel the vibration on your smartphone, your photos will be instantly transferred and appeared on your computer screen. The photos can be downloaded later to your hard drive or shared directly on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

tap computer spacebar with phone
Tap computer spacebar with your phone to confirm

I have tried BUMP and found it useful and convenient. It’s easier and typically faster than sending the photos to yourself via email. I think this is how technology should work.

The BUMP app also has a version that allows phone-to-phone photo sharing.

Whether you always shoot hundreds of photos with your smartphone or you just take the casual snapshot, you will sure find the BUMP app a useful and handy tool to have.

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The BUMP app is available for both the iPhone and Androids. Users can download the app for free at the iOS App Store and Google Play marketplace.

Watch the video below on How the BUMP app works :

What do you think of the BUMP app? Do you find it useful? Tell us in the comments.


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