Coolmuster Android Assistant: Product Review and Giveaway!

If you are using an Android device and wish to back up all of the data on your device to a PC, then the Android Assistant from Coolmuster is for you. The Android Assistant is a convenient Android managing software that allows users to easily save their media files, SMS, contacts, and apps in a file on their computer. With all of the valuable personal data that most people store on their phones today, it is smart to have a way to back everything up in case the phone is lost or stolen. In addition to backing up your data, the Android Assistant also provides various other useful functions.

reviewing coolmuster android assistant

Benefits of Using Android Assistant from Coolmuster

Aside from backing up valuable data on your Android device or freeing up storage for future use, the Android Assistant does much more. The assistant :

  • Allows users to Mass Text their contacts from their PC using the Group Text function.
  • Makes installing and uninstalling apps very easy.
  • Supports major operating systems such as Mac and Windows.
  • Works with almost all Android devices.
  • Allows for ease in importing and exporting apps.
  • Backup and restore phone’s data on PC with a simple one click process.
  • Easily transfer music, photo, videos, and more from PC to phone.
  • Reply to and send text messages directly from computer.
  • Allows for adding, deleting, and editing of contacts.
  • Save Android messages to PC.

Reasons to Use Android Assistant

Coolmuster Android Assistant interface1

There are many different reasons why you might want to use a software like Android Assistant. Mobile devices eventually run out of memory and require the user to delete previously stored information in order to add something else to the device. When you have data you don’t want to delete, Android Assistant offers you the option to safely store the data on your PC. Most people use their phones as so much more than phones, and eventually the phone comes to store not only contacts, but photos, messages, credit card apps, banking apps, calendars, personal notes, voice memos, and more. With so much important information stored on the device, if it was ever lost, stolen, or damaged it could be a disaster. Android Assistant from Coolmuster offers the perfect solution to these problems to make sure you never lose your data.

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One Click Backup Does It All

The Android Assistant file manager backs up data from Android tablets and smartphones and allows users to easily manage the data from their computer.

  • Allows you to restore lost data stored on PC.
  • Easily use backup data on all Android devices.
  • Import and export contacts, SMS, media files,and more with ease.

Use with Contacts and SMS

Coolmuster Android Assistant interface2

Android Assistant allows SMS messages to be saved as .xml or .txt files where they can be easily imported or exported. All contacts can be imported or exported through the use of Outlook, Windows Address Book, vCards, or Windows live mail. All adding and editing of contacts can be done from the PC. Bulk messages can be sent to multiple recipients directly from the computer, saving both time and effort.

Coolmuster Android Assistant interface3

Managing Apps

The Android Assistant allows users to manage all apps from the computer. Unlimited apps can be downloaded from playstore to the PC, where they can then be installed onto an Android device. Apps can also be shared through Facebook, SMS, and Twitter.


The Android Assistant from Coolmuster is a must have for Android users. This convenient software prevents loss of data and makes managing your files much easier.


We have 5 Coolmuster Android Assistant license keys to be given away courtesy of To win, simply leave a constructive comment about why you need this software and how you think it would be useful to you, or just comment anything about this software as long as your comment doesn’t sound spammy. The first 5 commenters with the best comments win! (P/S: Make sure you have entered a valid email address to receive the license key).


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