Editing Software vs Photo Contests ? 5 Steps Towards A Healthier Competition

Kodak. Polaroid. Nikon. All names of great cameras from decades past that have enabled the budding professional photographer to produce memories that we can cherish for life. Yet it turned out to be only a matter of time before the photography scene became the latest victim of today’s manic pace of life, and as an attribute to it – express photo editing software. Even if we’re not fiercely opposed to everything modern or pretending like no one enhanced their photos back in the days, there’s still the burning question on whether or not these supposed aids are really turning our photos into masterpieces and at what cost?

Here is an insight to the pros and cons of today’s photo editing technology and the best ways you can use it to your complement your work rather than let the enhancements take over and give it that unnatural feel altogether.

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Know Your Software

Mass audiences are vital for most photographers so an original look is essential if those pictures are not to appear contrived. With many social networking sites available, we are keen to show the world our best side. So to master your chosen niche, it must be practiced into an art form. The key is to get familiar with your software features then build from there.

Equip Yourself

Lesser equipment can be a blessing as it simply won’t allow you to overdo it in terms of altering a piece that is up for review. Yet sometimes the software chosen doesn’t have the capability required. While the latter is often down to price,   you don’t necessarily need to get a kit that is painfully expensive  but it has to last  at least a couple of years. When you can afford to, upgrade to more complex equipment.

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Built-in Features

Ensure that your purchase contains features such as automatic image enhancing including color selection, image correction, and data compression.  With these features, you’ll take more confidence in your work, however  if you’re still put off by the competition, why not , one’s self a guru to emulate who has done it all before.

Take Advantage of Free Software

For those wishing to capture images purely for family entertainment, why not save a penny, opting for free software rather than a paid one.  However, it can have drawbacks such as expiry period or not all the features that a photo shop would offer.

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Taking it Easy

In terms of paid software, using any software that looks complex will not come easy to a novice or anyone just starting out and as previously mentioned, its best to get used to cheaper and uncomplicated techniques. Work your way to the biggest and best software, but first, shop around as there are tools priced at £30 per month currently available.

Remember not to think too far ahead so you get frustrated and lose enthusiasm for your work. Soon enough, there will be a whole plethora of 21st century David Baileys out there. Keep sending in your images to various magazine competitions and, who knows, one day an agency out there might come knocking on your door.

Do you find photo editing software helpful in your work?

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