Creating a Strong Password: Longer the Better

Creating a strong password is important for us to privately access our important stored data online. Password is personal and you need to keep in mind that you are the only one who knows about it. Or if you write your password on a piece of paper, make sure to keep it in a private place. If you are wise enough, you need to create a strong password online. The stronger your password is, the more protected your account is online, especially there are witty hackers and scammers online. It would be easy for them to access important personal information like bank account details and credit card data especially if you are using online banking and storing that info online and your password is not strong enough.

creating a strong password


If you want to create a strong password, use a unique password if possible for each important account online. Others fail to do this because they want to have a generic password but the problem with that is if you are using multiple accounts and if one person already knew your password in one account, the tendency is he would assume you are using the same password on other accounts. So the more unique your password is, the more secure it can be.

8 Minimum Characters

Password must not be long enough for you to easily remember it. Some sites require you to make a minimum character for your password like 6 to 10 characters but it is advised that you are going to create a password that has a minimum of 8 characters to a maximum of 13 characters in length. Well-known cybersecurity company, Bitdefender is promoting their Cybersecurity Awareness Month and one of their cybersecurity pets, the Password Dachshund tells you why passwords should be long and the longer the better.

Characters Combination

A strong password must be a combination of upper and lower cases and other characters like numbers and symbols. The more complicated it is, the stronger password you created. The problem here because of complex combination characters, we might not be able to remember those passwords especially if you are using a different password in every account we have online. How are we going to manage our different passwords then? You can use the traditional one like writing your password in a notebook but those pieces of paper might get lost or stolen by someone.

You can use a password manager to manage your passwords. A password manager is an encrypted piece of software online that will store and manage all the passwords you have as well as the login information you used when you access your online apps, sites, and other online services. It will also generate a strong and unique password intended for you alone so that you won’t have to keep reusing the same password all the time. There are different password manager apps that you can download online but check first its features, authenticity, and credibility for your safety.

For a more secure online experience, get a copy of Bitdefender’s Internet Security Software to take care of your online privacy and personal information. This software also comes with an included password manager feature which has an option for you to autofill online forms and recommend secure passwords.

Avoid Personal Information as Your Password

One thing you need to avoid if you are creating a password online is when you are using basic personal information as your passwords such as your first or last name, birth date, age, address, favorite color or song, and other obvious information about yourself. Try to create passwords that are not familiar for others not to easily know and detect the password you created.

Avoid Using Keyboard Consecutive Characters

Take time when you are creating a new password online. When you are in a hurry, the tendency is you will just make passwords that are in consecutive orders found in your keyboard like 1234, 7890, asdfg, or qwert. Hackers might try to access your data online by attempting to log in using those keyboard consecutive characters.

Just simply follow those simple ways mentioned above on how to create a strong password. May I remind you also to always log off or sign out on your account when you are using a device especially when you are in a public like in your office, in school, or in internet cafes. Creating a strong password is important for personal security reasons to safeguard the stored information you have online. If you have a strong password, you are secured then that everything you have online will not be copied and stolen by someone.

Pro Tip: Upon receiving a router from your service provider, it is pre-configured with a default password. It is advisable to modify this password. Rest assured, we will provide you with a detailed guide to facilitate this process.

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