Email Upgrades: Why Your Business Need Them

The advent of email has revolutionized communication in the workplace and communication throughout the world, and it is now probably the most commonly used communication tool today. As is the case with the majority of collaborative solutions, it is a requirement for email software to be regularly upgraded, and not upgrading is considered to be a false economy.

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email upgradesUnfortunately, some organizations fail to see the significance of implementing regular email software upgrades, as they perceive their collaborative solutions to be just as good as they were when they were first implemented; the old adage of ‘If it isn’t broke, why fix it?’ springs to mind.  However, this means that organizations that opt out of upgrading their collaborative solutions will be missing out on critical functional improvements and technical enhancements that happen with every software update. This means that their systems are eventually rendered inadequate; in order to remedy this, organizations often decide to start from scratch with new software, which often means that more time and money is spent on implementing the new software, and the time for staff learning how to use the new software.

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An email upgrade will ensure that your business stays up-to-date and will provide the end-user with a richer working environment, which will ultimately help your workforce to remain as productive as possible, and the benefits of which will be projected onto your business. It also means that you aren’t getting behind the times while your competitors are having regular software upgrades and you can stay up to date with them or even take the edge of businesses that let their software get outdated.

One of the main concerns regarding implementing regular updates for email and other collaborative solutions is the perceived financial expenditure. However, implementing regular email upgrades has been shown to be more cost effective than implementing completely new software every 5 or 10 years, regular software upgrading will also help the security of your computer from viruses, malware and spyware which will cut the amount of IT support callouts that you have the make.

Another concern is in relation to the disruption and sheer amount of work involved in upgrading collaborative solutions. Fortunately, there are IT support services companies (such as LAN2LAN) that will help to remove the work involved in upgrading. These companies have a wealth of experience and expertise in upgrading collaborative solutions, which means that they are highly skilled in simplifying the email upgrade process. If you are concerned about the potential risk, and the sheer volume of work needed to upgrade, these companies can completely oversee the project or work closely with your business to ensure that your needs are fully met. They can also break down the upgrade into smaller stages, which will help to make the process more manageable for you and your business. It will also help to maintain staff productivity levels as they gradually adapt to the improved functionality and tools that are associated with email upgrades and collaborative solutions.

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