Google Search via Handwrite

We all know how inconvenient and sometimes difficult it is to type on a touchscreen mobile device, especially when you’re on the go. Now Google has introduced: Handwrite web search for mobile phones and tablets.

google handwrite

Handwrite – A new way to search on Google

Cool-and-Useful or Cool-but-Useless?

Although Google search by Voice is more useful and convenient than writing, there’re certain situations where writing is more practical such as in a noisy pub and a busy street to name a few. Google Handwrite will allow you to perform your searches by just writing letters, numbers, symbols or characters on your touchscreen with your fingers. Definitely a cool-and-useful feature 🙂

For now, Google has enabled Handwrite for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets. It’s available in 27 languages.

How to Enable Handwrite

Follow the step-by-step screenshot guide below to enable Handwrite.

setting up Handwrite

Enable Handwrite

How to Use Handwrite

Follow the step-by-step screenshot guide below on how to use Handwrite to search on Google.

how to use Handwrite

Use Handwrite to search

Watch Handwrite in action :

Although there’re many cool features that made using smartphones fun and easy, please bear in mind that using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous. So put your mobile phone away while you’re driving okay? 😉

Click here to learn more about tips and tricks for Handwrite.

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