Facebook is Monetizing Anything and Everything

facebook monetizing everything

In the 21st century, Facebook has become the site which is known by almost every individual on the face of the earth. Facebook has become the medium to socialize, interact with people, make new buddies, share joys, and without any surprise it has become the biggest platform of the same. It is accessible to all sorts of people. It enables you to see, share and react on whatever is happening in the world. The good part about Facebook is, it is very innovative. Every now and then, it comes up with new things to make its users more addictive.

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You shouldn’t be amazed, if a day come and they say that there’s a meeting on Facebook that’s because Facebook has launched a new feature associated with Skype so that you can have a convenient video chat with the person.

Facebook is really an awesome place. It helps you to stay connected with your dear ones. But in this process, one should not forget that, Facebook is an incorporated association, which is founded to do business. By providing you various social services, Facebook is minting money. The following are few of the incredible ideas used by Facebook to make more money off you:

$1 Messaging Service

The latest buzz in the market is that the Facebook engineers are launching many more paid applications which would include sending messages to the person who are not already included in your friend list for $1. Before this, if anyone sends you a message then, depending on your mutual friends and links, the message was either sent to your spam mails or directed to your messages. Now, according to the new feature, the message which earlier was regarded as spam, could now be shown as a regular message into the recipients inbox by paying $1.

Gifting Service

Zuckerberg recently announced the Gifting service of Facebook. If you want to deliver a card or any present to your special ones, just log in to Facebook, select the gift you want to purchase, select the friend. Your friend would be prompted for the address and the gift would be delivered to the address given by him. You can send various kinds of gifts which include T-shirts, Posters, Wines etc.. You can also dedicate a birthday song.

This is not all about the gift feature; there are few more stuffs, which are worth noting in this Gifting feature. You can do swapping, by which, you can swap your gift with another gift within a specified time limit, and you have to swap it in around 24 hours. If your friend has not seen your gift till two weeks, then after two weeks Facebook will cancel your order and refund your money. Currently this service is only available in the US, but soon it will be open to everyone around the globe.

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Gaming Service

The games on Facebook are developed, so that Facebook users can socialize with other users who like to play games to pass time. Anyone can play CityVille, it’s free to join. But, usually to be a step ahead of the competitors in the game you have an easy option to get some rewards in the game by paying Facebook your real money. You must be familiar with this if you had ever played any of the “Villes”. There’s no harm in paying money to be ahead, and there’s a lot of debate about whether the feature will ruin the social games but, in the end it’s just a game on the internet!

But the crux is; these “Villes” are so addictive that, the users tend to spend hours playing it; and in the end, to compete with their friends, they make use of real money and this make Facebook richer!

Post Promotion Service

Few months back, Facebook introduced a new feature named Promoted Posts. With this paid feature, Facebook helps you to promote your post by making it visible in the news feed of your friends and friend’s friend. Facebook provides various promotion options. The more you want to spread the post, the more you will have to pay. This of course helps the marketers, but also makes Facebook fatter.

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Facebook would be paid?

Recently there was a word on everybody’s mouth saying that Facebook will charge it’s users per year. I feel that, if Facebook would come up with any such crap, then Facebook will be scrapped. But I am not sure, Zuckerberg can make everyone so much addicted that, there would be one day, when everyone will be ready to use the paid Facebook service!

What do you think; will Facebook ever charge it users? What are your views about the earning methods of Facebook; is it undue advantage of its population? Are you addicted to Facebook? Do share your views in the form of a comment below!

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