How to Find a Person’s Name by Mobile Number (7 Easy Ways)

In this digitally connected world, knowing how to find someone’s name by their mobile number can be a valuable skill, especially when you receive calls from unfamiliar numbers or want to reconnect with old friends. In this article, we’ll explore some easy, reliable and ethical methods to find a person’s name by a mobile number.

find person name by mobile number
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How Can I Find a Mobile Number Owner’s Name?

1. Use Social Media Platforms

One of the most effective ways to find a person’s name by their mobile number is by leveraging the power of social media platforms.

Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn are excellent places to start.

Simply type the mobile number in the search bar, and if the person has associated their number with their account and has a public profile, you might get lucky and find their name in the search results.

2. Google Search

Google is a powerful search engine that can yield impressive results.

To find a person’s name using a mobile number, simply enter the number in quotes into the search bar.

For example, “123-456-7890”.

If the number is associated with any online profiles or public listings, Google may display relevant results, including the person’s name.

3. People Search Engines

Several online people search engines allow you to find individuals by entering their phone numbers.

Websites like Intelius, TruthFinder, BeenVerified, Spokeo, Truecaller and USPhoneLookUp can be useful resources.

Although some services may charge for advanced information, basic name lookups are generally free.

Let’s look at these websites one by one (We are not affiliate to any of these sites):

3.1) Intelius

find person name by mobile number: Intelius

A user-friendly platform that effortlessly reveals someone’s name with just their mobile number.

Delve deeper with access to criminal records, background checks, property data, and more!

By selecting “Phone” on Intelius and entering the mobile number to be searched, you’ll receive a comprehensive report in just minutes.

Intelius (Search Results Preview)
Intelius (Results Found)
Intelius (Activate Account)

With millions of numbers in their database, rest assured of accurate results. Definitely your ultimate destination to find a person’s name by phone number!

Intelius offers a $0.95 6-day trial. Try them!

3.2) TruthFinder

find person name by mobile number: TruthFinder

An incredible tool to unveil a person’s name by their phone number. Uncover valuable information, from scammers and mysterious texters to verifying the authenticity of provided mobile numbers and more.

Using TruthFinder is a breeze. Simply enter the phone number on their platform and initiate the search. Delve into their extensive database to access social media profiles, historical records, location details, and much more. It’s practically a free method to find a name by phone number. Once the search is complete, the person’s comprehensive report will be right in front of you.

With its intuitive interface, TruthFinder is a popular choice for individuals of all ages seeking to find a person’s name through their phone number.

TruthFinder does not provide a free people search service. However, they do offer a $1 trial. Don’t miss out on this powerful tool! Visit them!

3.3) BeenVerified

how to find a person's name using only phone number: BeenVerified

An exceptional tool to discover a person’s name by their phone number. This popular platform offers an array of features, including social media profiles, vehicle search, email lookup, criminal records, and more.

To find a name by phone number, simply head to BeenVerified, choose Reverse Phone Lookup, and enter the number. With a vast database of phone records, BeenVerified quickly generates the best-matched results for your query.

But that’s not all! BeenVerified goes beyond just providing names. It also reveals related information such as addresses, locations, property details, telecom carriers, and more. The extensive report compiled from the phone number data makes BeenVerified an immensely powerful tool for identifying individuals.

If you’re seriously seeking information about someone using their phone number, trust BeenVerified to assist you in multiple ways.

BeenVerified offers a $1 subscription for 7 days. Subscribe now!

3.4) Spokeo

find name of a person using phone number: Spokeo

Look no further than Spokeo for finding someone’s name by their phone number, offering extensive information about the individual. With a whopping database of 12 billion records and serving 20 million people monthly, you’re guaranteed to discover the name you seek.

To find a name by phone number, simply visit Spokeo, enter the 10-digit phone number, and hit Search Now.

With the click of a button, Spokeo utilizes deep web technology to scour over a billion phone records, providing not only names but also additional details like relatives, current address, family members, full name, and much more.

This comprehensive information proves invaluable when making important decisions, be it hiring, dating, or interacting with others.

For those serious about finding a person’s name by phone number, Spokeo is the ultimate solution.

Embrace the ease and efficiency with which Spokeo delivers all-encompassing information about an individual, solely based on their phone number.

Spokeo offers basic searches for free. All other advanced searches will require payment. Give them a try!

3.5) Truecaller


Renowned for its Caller ID services, Truecaller is available on both Android and iOS platforms at no cost. While the Premium version offers more information about the caller, the free version effectively provides insight into the person calling you.

To get started, head to Google PlayStore or App Store, download Truecaller, and set it up by logging into the app. Once installed, the app automatically displays the caller’s name when an unknown number calls you. It also boasts a spam call and telemarketing call database, keeping you informed about potential nuisances. Furthermore, the latest version allows call recording.

Though Truecaller exclusively reveals the caller’s name and doesn’t disclose their location or history, it operates worldwide, catering to users beyond US citizens.

In addition to the app, Truecaller offers a convenient website version where users can independently search for people’s numbers. Simply access the website and initiate a separate search for the desired information.

With both app and website options, Truecaller ensures versatile accessibility for users seeking caller details. Go to their website now!

3.6) USPhoneLookUp


A comprehensive and free online platform designed to assist users in uncovering valuable information about phone numbers in the United States. Whether you want to identify an unknown caller, find the name of a person using phone number, verify a contact, or conduct a background check, this website serves as a powerful and cost-effective tool to meet your needs.

To get started, simply visit the website and enter the 10-digit phone number you wish to investigate. Once you hit the search button, the website will initiate a thorough and free search through its vast database, scouring public records, social media profiles, and other available sources.

With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to security, it’s your go-to resource to find out a person’s name by a United States phone number. Try their services here!

4. Reverse Phone Lookup Apps

In addition to websites, numerous apps offer reverse phone lookup services.

Apps like Truecaller (Android / iOS), Hiya (Android / iOS), and Caller ID & Number Locator (Android / iOS) can help identify unknown numbers and provide associated names.

These apps often rely on crowdsourced data to improve accuracy.

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5. Community Forums and Online Directories

Sometimes, people share information about unknown numbers on community forums or online directories.

Websites like and allow users to post details about mystery callers, including their names if known.

Checking such platforms might lead you to the name associated with a specific mobile number.

6. Utilize WhatsApp or Telegram

Messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram have become widely used, and many individuals link their phone numbers to these accounts.

Add the mobile number as a contact and check if a profile name appears.

However, keep in mind that not everyone uses their real name on these platforms.

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7. Contact the Mobile Carrier

If you have exhausted all other options and the number persists as a mystery, you can contact the mobile carrier directly.

Explain your situation and ask if they can provide any information about the owner of the number.

However, due to privacy regulations, carriers might be reluctant to disclose personal information.

Pro Tip: Discover simple steps to recover deleted phone numbers on Android. Restore contacts effortlessly using Google, Samsung Cloud, and other methods.


Finding someone’s name by their mobile number is feasible, thanks to various online tools and social media platforms available. When using these methods, it’s crucial to respect the privacy of others and only seek information for legitimate reasons. Always remember that not everyone shares their personal details publicly, so results are not guaranteed. The next time you encounter an unknown number, follow the steps outlined in this guide to uncover the name behind the digits. Happy searching!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it legal to find someone’s name by their mobile number?

Yes, it is legal to find someone’s name by their mobile number through publicly available means, such as using social media platforms or phone lookup services. However, it is essential to use this information responsibly and respect the individual’s privacy.

Are there any reliable free services to find a person’s name by a mobile number?

Yes, there are several reliable free services, such as social media platforms, people search engines, and reverse phone lookup apps, that can help you find someone’s name by their mobile number.

Can someone find my name from my mobile number?

Yes, in certain situations, someone may be able to find your name from your mobile number. If you have publicly associated your phone number with your social media accounts or other online profiles, it may be accessible to others through search engines or people search websites. Additionally, if your phone number is listed in public directories or has been shared with others, they may be able to identify your name through those means. To maintain your privacy, it’s essential to review your privacy settings on social media platforms and try to stay anonymous. Be cautious about sharing personal information online.

Can I use Truecaller or Spokeo for free to find someone’s name by their phone number?

Both Truecaller and Spokeo offer free versions of their services, which can help you identify the name of a person using their phone number. However, certain advanced features may require a premium subscription.

How accurate are the results obtained from these services?

The accuracy of the results may vary depending on the information available and the individual’s privacy settings. While these services can provide valuable insights, they may not always guarantee 100% accuracy.

Is there any way to find a person’s name by their mobile number without using online services?

If the person has shared their phone number with you or has it publicly available on their social media profile, you can manually search for their name. However, for comprehensive results, online services are more effective.

Are there any privacy concerns when using these services to find a mobile number owner’s name?

Yes, privacy concerns exist when using these services. While they may access publicly available information, it is crucial to be mindful of the data you share and ensure you use the information obtained responsibly.

Are these services available worldwide?

While many of these services are available globally, the extent of information may differ depending on the country and the data regulations in place.

Can I use the information obtained to harass or harm someone?

Absolutely not. It is essential to use the information obtained responsibly and ethically. Any misuse of personal information can lead to legal consequences and harm others’ privacy.

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