My Summer Project Is To Build An Electric Skateboard

Do you have any DIY summer project? 

Indeed, while summer is a season for beach days and BBQ nights, there is no denying that it’s also the best time of the year to indulge in DIY activities. As businesses slow down and people go on vacation, you’re more likely to have plenty of time to plan your next project. The season calls for something playful and practical, such as an electric skateboard. Why a skateboard? Because during the holiday, the number of cars in town is shrinking, which gives you plenty of time to create and test your eco-friendly transportation. Guaranteed no gas emissions and plenty of fun. Here’s why an electric skateboard is the best thing you can build this summer: 

Why? Because it’s so fun! 

Skateboards are going back in trend. They offer a quick and sporty alternative to bus in town, and unlike bicycles, you can easily take your board with you in a classroom or an office without causing any disruption. In other words, if you’re going to improve your daily vehicle, having a board means that you can reduce the risks of it being stolen. Additionally, you can’t deny that a 30km/h electric skateboard that gets you from A to B isn’t a fun experiment! You only need to take a look at the project completed by TheRaspeberryPiGuy on Youtube to know you need to make your own!

The basics of what you need

Aside from a board, you’ll need to make a small computer to control your vehicle. The Youtube example uses a Raspberry Pi Zero, but ultimately, you can pick a different model. The golden rule, however, is to build your miniature computer instead of looking for an alternative device in shops. Not only will it be more cost-effective, but it also gives you more room for creativity. You are completely in charge! For newcomers to the Raspberry Pi world, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the creator of the video if you have any issue. Additionally, you should also invest in protective cases such as kksb cases as your computer will sit underneath the board. You want to make sure that it is kept safe from dust, water, and potential shocks on the road. 

Modifications for later?

Building your summer board will take you only an afternoon if you know what you’re doing. For new Raspberry Pi users, you may count a few days to get yourself used to the system and sorted. But, you might find yourself finding to improve your board at the end of the summer. Indeed, as cars come back into town, navigation will become more challenging in traffic. Life-changing modifications include a GPS that guides you to your destination safely – and including roads traffic and pedestrian paths. A warning system could also make drivers aware of your presence. 

With a little patience and some tech know-how, you can create an exciting DIY summer project. Ultimately, building an electric skateboard is the perfect combination of tech know-how and balance to keep you entertained. But if you haven’t used a skateboard in the past, you may not feel confident riding one in town. You can use a similar electric enhancement for a bike, for instance.