Gaming Laptops on a Budget? No Problem!

With Gaming on laptops increasing regularly and the market flooded with high tech expensive models the question is can you game on a laptop on a budget? Well the simple answer is yes, and I’m going to tell you the gaming laptops you should be looking at.

gaming laptops on a budget

When looking for a gaming laptop a company you definitely need to check out is Cube, who build high performance laptops that are tailor made to meet all the needs of a gamer at affordable prices. Cube laptops are designed for gamers by gamers with performance and reliability at heart which ever model you end up choosing. The Cube model I’m going to put forward is the Cube Chameleon CZ-5840, which is available in a variety of different configurations and is the perfect blend between design and performance.

The Chameleon works seamlessly whether it’s being used for everyday computing, entertainment or hard-core gaming due to its outstanding graphic capabilities and optimal processing power, they can tackle any task put to them. Powered by Microsoft Windows 8.1 the Chameleon has a dedicated GTX 850M 2GB Graphics card and 8GB DDR3 RAM, which is more than enough to handle any game on the market. In addition with an Intel Core i7 Haswell Quad Core Processor and 15.6 high definition matte LED backlit display the Chameleon delivers high quality performance alongside breath taking high definition imagery, and with a terabyte of memory to boot. Finishing also isn’t forgotten with the Cube Chameleon as the laptop has a hairline textured metallic look with an ultra-modern clean interior palm rest, it’s definitely designed to impress.

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If the Cube isn’t for you then have a look at the MSI who are recognised globally for building gaming laptops that offer unparalleled performance, portability and reliability. MSI laptops are driven by innovation and style and boast high quality Turbo Drive Engine technology, which deliver maximum performance alongside powerful processing and high-end graphics.

The MSI model I would definitely check out is the GE60 2PF Apache Pro gaming laptop due to its performance, quality of sound through its AMP and overall design and feel with its intuitive backlit keyboard for comfortable typing. The GE60 Apache doesn’t sacrifice gaming performance even at the price it’s being sold at, as it’s extremely powerful enough to handle the most demanding 1080p games with an NVidia GTX 860M Graphics card and 2GB of GDDR5 RAM installed. Furthermore as the Apache uses an Intel Core i7 Quad Core Haswell Processor with a 15.6inch matte 1080p screen and 1TB HDD you can tell it’s been built with gaming in mind, as most of that equipment would be in more expensive gaming laptops. The Apache has also been designed aesthetically pleasing with a nice gloss black finish that’s isn’t to flashy and showy which goes really well with the backlit keyboard. MSI have definitely done well with this laptop!

If you want to go for something else you could try Lenovo, whose gaming laptops have been built to be reliable, portable and use the latest technology and components all within a stylish and compact design.

The stand out Lenovo gaming laptop and the one I’d definitely recommend would be the Lenovo Y50, which has the combination of incredible build quality and cutting edge spec. Featuring an Intel Core i7 Quad Core Processor, and ultra-high spec NVidia GTX 860M graphics the Lenovo is the perfect choice for gamers who require the latest technology to run the most demanding games on the market. A speedy hybrid SSHD storage drive featuring 8GB of solid state memory and 1TB HDD results in amazing gaming performance, and with a 15.6” 4K Ultra HD screen the quality is unparalleled. If value for money is what you’re after the Lenovo is definitely for you, with the latest technology and premium JBL audio making it perfect for gaming.

[Image credit: Ji Tan, Flickr]