Dangers of Excessive Use of Cell Phones

Apparently, just a meager part of the users of mobile phone knows how hazardous using a mobile phone could be to human’s health. Mobile phone which is now a vital aspect in communication today has been proven to have some side effect if used in an excessive way and report has found it that the side effect a mobile phone could be very deadly to humanity leading to some irrevocable action that could take away lives, and can also contribute to the gradual destruction of the biosphere.

Dangers of Excessive Use of Cell Phones
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Though we might see the benefit of using a mobile phone outshine its disadvantages, and for that sake, neglect the short comes in the excessive use of it. Do you know that the damage caused by mobile phone to humans does not just happen overnight? It takes gradual process that later turns into something severe in the future which by then, the damage might be resistance to treatment and so repel cure.

The question now is, for a device like a cell phone that we use every day and has a gradual damage on human health, how much of the damage have we been able to consume before they turn into something big in our body system? Or, how can you possibly weigh the damages a mobile phone is causing on you over the time you’ve been using it?

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Skin Damage

According to Mayo Clinic, the frequent use of mobile phone can be destructive to your skin, by causing acne and burns on your face. It was recorded that, the frequent call we make and receive, the more we are exposed to the damages of a cell phone and the more we’re likely to have bad skin, this happens because, when you keep your phone close to your face while receiving calls, you create a friction between your face and the surface of the phone and that part of the face you use in receiving calls begins to burn out gradually till the damage is glary for everyone to see.

To avoid causing fatal damage to your skin when using your mobile phone to make calls, always use a hands free device and avoid bringing your phone in contact to your skin.


Another damage that a mobile phone could cause to human health is cancer. As deadly as we all know cancer to be, did you know that a mobile phone can also contribute to it? Research has made us known that cancer can also be gotten through mobile phone usage. Mobile phone emits radio waves which heats up the tissues in the body and thereby causes damages in the body system which later results to cancer.

Cancer can be very painful and stressful, with many sufferers looking at strong medication in order to mitigate these symptoms in their struggle. By getting to know the health defects attached to the frequent use of a mobile phone, you will agree with me that the best way to avoid causing hazard to your health is by reducing the rate at which you allow your phone to come in contact with your skin.

Ear Defects

Finally, one major danger of excess use of a cell phone is the risk of damaging the ear drum. A large percent of ear problem reported are caused by the harmful way people use their mobile device. To avoid the risk of damaging your ear drum, whenever you want to make or receive calls let your phone’s speaker stay at a reasonable distance from your ear or reduce your phone speaker’s volume whenever you want to put it near your ear.

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By following the tips I’ve shared in this post you will not only learn that using your mobile phone wrongly is dangerous to your health, but you’ll also learn ways to use your mobile phone without using it to inflict injuries to yourself.


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