How to Get Rid of Your Old Computers

Rewind twenty years and many households did not have a computer, let alone an Internet connection. Today they are almost part of the furniture, and even the older generations are affectionately termed ‘silver surfers’ due to their abilities to use the web.

How to Get Rid of Old Computers
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New for Old

As a result of the popularity of the home computer, a problem has arisen with what to do with your old computer when you replace it with a newer model. Whether the old computer is running slow, broken or you just fancy a new model will determine the options.

Landfill is Not Sustainable

In recent years the population as a whole have started to realize we can’t go on burying waste in the ground forever. Sending computers is not only environmentally a bad idea; it’s even starting to become unlawful in certain parts of the world. Instead other options have been created to dispose of the machines in a more eco-friendly manner.

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Recycling Computers

One option for disposing of your old computer is to have it recycled. Many local authorities offer facilities where you can take your old computer and it will be separated into different materials and recycled. Whilst very green and eco-friendly, there is an even greener option if the computer isn’t beyond repair.

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Computers for the Third World

Countries less developed than our own need to rely on our old products to improve their own people’s lives. Schemes have been set up to repair computers that are broken, and ship them out to places like Africa for those less fortunate than ourselves. They will typically be wiped clean of data, and companies such as Microsoft either donate or provide very low cost licenceses for their software to bring them into working order.

A Little Closer to Home

If the computer is functioning perfectly or just a little slow, simply restoring it to factory state can bring it back up to speed and be a great addition to a child’s bedroom for homework assignments, or if you are happy to allow it, web access. Of course, you need to be aware of the risks associated with children having unsupervised web access, but that’s a whole new debate. Similarly, relatives might be very grateful for the gift of your old computer, so ask around and you could be helping a loved one out!

In summary, there are so many better options than landfill, not only for computers but waste in general. Giving a little thought to how we dispose of the old computer can make a difference to people close to home or abroad.

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