How to Take 0.5 Selfies: Wide-Angle Smartphone Photography

In the ever-evolving world of smartphone photography, the 0.5 selfie has emerged as a popular trend among enthusiasts and influencers alike. But what exactly is a 0.5 selfie, and how can you capture good 0.5 selfies? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about this phenomenon, from its definition to practical tips for mastering the technique.

This photo depicts a group of friends or travelers with backpacks taking a 0.5 selfie amidst the rocks of Grand Canyon National Park.
Photo by: Syda Productions/Adobe Stock

What is a 0.5 Selfie?

At its core, a 0.5 selfie refers to taking a selfie using the wide-angle lens option available on many smartphones. Unlike traditional selfies, which are typically captured using the front-facing camera at a standard focal length, the 0.5 selfie utilizes the wide-angle lens to achieve a broader field of view. This allows for a more expansive and immersive shot, capturing not only the subject but also their surroundings in greater detail.

How to Take a 0.5 Selfie

1. Enable the Wide-Angle Mode: Open your smartphone’s camera app and switch to the wide-angle lens option, usually denoted as “0.5x” or “Wide”.

This screenshot displays two images captured by the phone camera. The first image features the lens set to 1x zoom, while the second image shows the lens switched to 0.5x zoom, also known as wide-angle mode.

2. Position Yourself: Find a suitable location with interesting background elements, as the wide-angle lens will capture more than just your face.

This photo depicts the article's author taking a 0.5 selfie with the back camera of his smartphone.

3. Hold Steady: Ensure a steady grip on your phone to minimize blurriness, especially in low-light conditions.

4. Experiment with Angles: Explore different angles and perspectives to find the most flattering composition.

This photo depicts the article's author taking another 0.5 selfie with his smartphone from a different angle.

5. Embrace the Candid Feel: Because 0.5 selfies are typically taken using the back camera on most phones, users can’t preview their appearance until after the photo has been captured. When using the back camera for 0.5 selfies, set the timer to trigger the shutter and capture the selfie.

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1. Enhanced Creativity: The wide-angle perspective opens up new creative possibilities, allowing users to experiment with composition and framing.

2. Capturing Moments in Context: Unlike traditional selfies that focus solely on the subject, 0.5 selfies provide a wider context, telling a more complete story.

3. Social Media Appeal: 0.5 selfies stand out on social media feeds, attracting attention with their unique visual impact.

0.5 selfies taken by different Instagram users: zoenazarian, _magda_, maximmagnus and rinalipa

4. Group Photos Made Easy: The wide-angle lens is ideal for group selfies, ensuring that everyone fits into the frame without feeling cramped.

Additional Tips:

1. Be mindful of distortion: While the wide-angle lens offers a broader view, it can also distort objects near the edges of the frame. Positioning yourself and your subjects accordingly can help minimize distortion.

2. Consider the background: Pay attention to the background elements when composing your 0.5 selfie. Interesting scenery or architectural features can enhance the overall aesthetic of your shot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Which iPhone has 0.5 front camera for selfies?

iPhone 12 models and above offer a wide-angle lens (0.5x) for the front camera, allowing you to capture wider scenes in selfies.

2) How do you take wide-angle selfies?

To take wide-angle selfies, you can use a smartphone with a wide-angle camera or attach a clip-on wide-angle lens accessory to your phone’s existing camera. Once your camera is set up, simply frame your shot, extend your arm or use a selfie stick if needed, and capture your wide-angle selfie.

3) How to take a 0.5 selfie on Android?

Taking a 0.5 selfie on an Android device typically involves using the wide-angle camera mode, if available. Open your camera app and look for the option to switch to the wide-angle lens. Once selected, frame your shot and capture your 0.5 selfie with the wider perspective provided by the wide-angle lens. If your phone does not have a wide-angle mode, you can achieve a similar effect by using a clip-on wide-angle lens accessory.


Mastering the art of the 0.5 selfie opens up a world of creative possibilities in smartphone photography. By leveraging the wide-angle lens and experimenting with composition, you can capture stunning selfies that stand out on social media and beyond. So grab your smartphone, find your angle, and unleash your creativity with the 0.5 selfie technique!

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