How to Take Care of Your Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries are one of the most expensive laptop accessories. I have several tips on how to prolong your laptop battery’s lifespan so that it will stay with you longer and hence, saves you money.

how to take care of laptop battery

1. Avoid Frequent Full Discharging

Unlike older different types of batteries, Li-Ion batteries don’t require regular complete discharges before recharging. Actually regularly discharging batteries would damage Li-Ion batteries and cause decrease in capacity. Partial recharging is actually better as less charge capacity per cycle is lost. It is suggested that we charge from a 10% to 20% level.

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2. Calibrate

Usually you’ll notice your battery isn’t charged up to 100%. It may possibly charged only up to 80% to 99% of that gauge then stop charging. This is an indication that you need to calibrate your battery to help maintain its gauge accuracy.

To calibrate your battery, just consume the battery power till the computer cuts off the energy or automatically shuts down or sleeps. Then you can fully recharge it up to 100%. It’s recommended for you to calibrate your battery after every last 30 partial charges.

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3. Consider Removing The Battery From The Laptop

When you’re on A/C power for most of the time, then you should think about removing your battery from your laptop. By removing the battery and running it purely on A/C power, you can get two benefits. First, you’ll preserve the charge cycles of the battery. If the battery isn’t inserted in the laptop, you’re certain that it isn’t charging (or trickle charging) and consuming charging cycles from the laptop battery.

Second, the battery’s temperature is lower as it gets less heat (heat from your laptop and also heat generated from the charging). Lower temperature reduce the above mentioned aging (or deterioration) of the battery which makes it healthier for the battery. It’s recommended that the laptop battery is charged to 40% if you do want to take it off from the laptop and store it for a long time.

battery removed from laptop
It is recommended that the battery to be taken off if your laptop is on A/C

This really is my most used method in trying to prolong my laptop battery’s lifespan as I often connect my laptop to A/C power. I usually carry along my laptop power adapter and also the places I go will always have power sockets available.

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Also you can store the battery inside the refrigerator (not in the freezer!) if you do remove it from the laptop. This may actually protect the laptop battery from heat. Always put it in a sealed plastic bag if you put it in the refrigerator to keep the moisture out. Don’t forget to let it warm to room temperature before using or recharging it.

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