The Importance of Buying Manufacturer Original Laptop Chargers

It’s common knowledge that electronics don’t last forever. They serve us well, some even outlasting two or three generations of their peers, however eventually they all need replacing.

Laptop computers are in the fast lane to overtaking desktop computers because of their portability and convenience. Whether you’re a businessman, a student, or a silver surfer who is enjoying retirement online, we’ve all had experience with a laptop on low battery.  And the last thing that you need is for the charger to pack up, and render your convenient computer useless. It may be panic, misinformation or budget that would tempt you to buy a non-original alternative, but this article aims to show that the price of quality is one worth paying.

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Under the Hood

One of the most important things to learn about laptop chargers is that they are all different. Although that might seem like a patronizing statement, it’s important to know why so that you’re armed with the understanding when you buy a new one. We all know that sales representatives are able to bombard us with jargon on demand, convincing us our potential purchase is the best thing since sliced bread. Here is a small bit of information to bring you up to speed on things to look for.

On a basic level, chargers all do the same job the same way. Depending on your laptop, however, they will all differ slightly. The first obvious thing to check is the connector type; this is the size, shape and fit of the part that goes into your laptop port. You can’t put a square peg in a round hole!

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Made in where?

Secondly, the most important details are found in the fine print. The voltage and current of your power supply is found printed on the power pack itself, and is something you need to know. Each charger has an input and output value for the volts, Hz, and Amps that the charger operates with. These values are specially selected to work with your laptop’s battery and power supply system, and if your new charger doesn’t match up, the result could be disastrous!

There are hundreds of non-official chargers available on the market, and the issue is that not all of them are made to the same level of standard as they should be. Some come from around the world, and cut their quality to increase profits beyond what constitutes a decent product.

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Cost Effective

The main reason for buying an alternative brand is down to cost. But as previously mentioned, there is a reason that some are much cheaper than others! Manufacturing standards at the original brands are extremely high, due to their budget and capability, but also due to their reputation being at stake. Your personal files, your work, your time and money are all invaluable. Unfortunately, laptops are difficult, lengthy and costly to repair, and many are regularly damaged due to faulty laptop chargers. Some even begin to melt the laptop around the connector! Paying less, ironically, comes at a cost.

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Under Warranty

Giving advice is easy when your own budgets aren’t stretched. While the investment in a manufacturer original charger is a worthy one for your wallet, you may not even have to pay at all! Check to see if your laptop or individual charger was under warranty at the time of fault, and contact the necessary supplier to see if you’re covered for a new one at reduced or no extra cost. If not, then look for a charger that is covered if lightening should strike twice. You could get your charger for no charge at all!

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Our laptops are an essential part of us. They are our life-saver, our online shop, our business hub, and our media center. Millions of people rely on their magnificent machine for a million different reasons, and they are certainly worth looking after. Now you know the importance of buying manufacturer original laptop chargers, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your investment is safe and sound.


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