Up and Coming Innovative Technology Start-up Companies

Technology changes, and changes our lives, in a blink of an eye these days. There are always up and coming technology start-ups that are promising, and some that may affect the way we do our normal tasks every day. The following companies have won corporate awards and recognition awards for innovation and creativity. Here’s a rundown:

tech startups


Never heard of it? The site is receiving more uploaded video every day than YouTube! DropCam is the next/latest advance in video cam/video conferencing. Purchase a wireless video camera and install it anywhere there is a WiFi connection. Use it to monitor your home, or have conversations with your family members. Ideal for security for small businesses, monitor your place of business online from anywhere you can jump online.

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Hear the world’s sounds on SoundCloud. It’s the world’s largest community of bands, podcast, and even bizarre, unique sounds – that you can access from anywhere. Eleven hours of sound are being uploaded to the site every single minute of the day! That’s a lot to listen to!


Does the world need another traffic/navigation system? Apparently so, as the founders of Waze found out this week when they sold their fledgling company to Google for over a billion dollars. The Israeli based start-up shows you traffic maps based on “crowd sourcing” – that is, instead of relying on technology, cameras, or sensors, traffic conditions are reported in real time by other drivers. 30,000,000 users are constantly adding updates so the maps stay accurate up to the hour. Plus it’s free!

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal allows you to monitor your fitness/health live by recording nutritional intake, exercise periods and calories burned. This one year old site is currently being used by 55 million persons monthly! This app is nearly device ‘agnostic’, meaning you can use it online, on your phone or tablet.

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Enables every small business, consultant, or traveling salesman to accept credit card payments where ever they are, by swiping the cards thru their mobile device with the help of a small plug in accessory which is free when you open an account. The money flows through Swipe to a bank account you designate, and Swipe charges a small percentage, just like any credit card processing company.

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An adaptive learning site. What’s adaptive learning? The site learns how each student user studies, and matches them with study methods that enable them to learn more and faster. The more a student uses Knewton, the better the experience becomes. It is especially useful for students preparing for college and grad school admission tests.

These are just a few of the start-ups on the scene today, which changes by the hour. You can find ones that are of interest to you by searching the internet using keywords and phrases that illustrate your interests.

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