Keeping Your Child’s Online Gaming at A Healthy Level

There is no denying the fact that online gaming has really taken over in the past few years. If you ask children what their favourite activity is then they are likely to say playing on Call of Duty or FIFA online. This is something which can cause a big headache for a lot of parents. The home becomes dominated by loud computer noises or constant pleas from the children to play on their video games. Whilst this can be frustrating for many parents, you cannot simply ban video games from your home. Instead, you need to find a way in order to embrace them so that they are kept at a level whereby your child is happy but so that you are not being driven around the bend either.  The following seven tips should help you do just that…

playing computer games
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

1. Earn game time

One of the best ways to maintain a balance in your home life is to make your child earn their game time or privileges like products from MyMod. You can even set up a chart whereby certain chores earn them game time. For example; if they clear the table then they can have 20 minutes worth of playing on video games. 

2. No games today

You should make sure that there is at least one day a week when children cannot play on their video games. This ensures that they have a break and that they find other activities to entertain themselves as well. After all, children should not be completely reliant on their computer in order to have fun.

3. Ask for more time, lose time

There should be a rule that every time your child begs for more time on their game, they will then lose ten minutes off of their playing time for tomorrow. This ensures that you combat the constant pleas and whining for more game time.  You don’t have to be too strict on this rule. If they ask you for more time, then the first time they ask you can give them a warning and say: “Remember, if you whine then you lose time off tomorrow, so I’d think twice before asking again!” 

4. Do your research

Not all games are bad for your children. Take a look online and see which games can help them to develop and enhance key skills. You can suggest these games to your child, or even allow them a bit of extra game time playing one of the games as a treat – they’ll never know that you are secretly encouraging them to learn!

5. Encourage other activities

Make sure that your child stays fit and healthy by making sure that they spend at least 30 minutes every other day outside playing. Let them choose how they wish to spend this time; whether they wish to run around in the garden, play football, etc. 

6. Buy books based on their favourite games

If your child likes to play fighting games online, then buy them books or magazines that relate. This is a great way to develop their reading and get them interested in other activities as well.

7. Stick to the rules you have set

It can be quite easy to let the rules slide in want for an easier day. Nevertheless, as soon as you give in your children will simply start to take advantage more and more. Implement the rules, and stick by them.

If you use the seven tips mentioned in this article then you should find video games a lot more bearable in your home!