Educational Computer Games

Computer games are not usually associated with education or learning. People look at them as pure entertainment or even waste of time. However, with the blessings of modern technology, even computer games can enhance knowledge, explain or broaden a concept and even develop alertness, intelligence and logic.

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Intelligence, Logic and Math

Some video games like Ko’s Journey are designed in such a way that they help in addition of objects and aid the understanding of math. Games like Sim City and RollerCoaster Tycoon help in building the planning skills of adults. These are basically strategy games which also enhance strategic thinking and logic. There are some puzzle games which also enhance the thinking abilities. Recent popular games like Angry Birds are based on laws of physics like Angle, bounce, speed, elevation, trajectory and timing.


There are a host of War Games which enhance alertness in adults/children. Some of the examples are Total War and Age of Empires. These computer games teach people war strategies, develop the logic and greatly increase the alertness.

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Intuition and Interpersonal Skills

Some of the treasure hunt games are based on extensive searching. This can develop the intuition of children and even their interpersonal skills. The graphics and animation is so well developed that it feels real, thus making the children bolder and braver while playing such games.

A New Wave of Education

Sometimes traditional ways of teaching can be boring and monotonous and can make children disinterested. Educational computer games have a terrific edge over traditional ways of teaching. Playing any game is always fun. So these games combine fun, thrill and excitement and make education extremely interesting for children/adults. This way, children are automatically lured into playing them and it sets the perfect platform for some motivational education. Once a certain area of their personality starts developing, they can take interest even in traditional classroom education.

Thus, these educational computer games are here to stay forever and they are truly phenomenal for what they deliver!

Computer games for education? What do you think?


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