Managing Your Satellite Internet Download Limits on Hughesnet

Hughesnet is one of the leading providers of satellite internet. They offer several different access speed plans and have a standard download limit of up to 40GB. Your limit will depend on the speed plan you choose. All of the plans come with a portion designated as “anytime bytes” and those that are considered “bonus bytes.” Learning to manage your satellite Internet download limits will help you prevent surprises in your monthly bill. Managing your account is made easier with the settings controls that Hughesnet has in place too.


What is Hughesnet?

Hughesnet is one of the most respected global names in providing satellite Internet service. They specialize in providing service to rural areas and have developed hardware and processes that allow you to connect wherever you are. Their new Gen4 release is being hailed as the next step in security for users as well. Their satellite Internet service is also compatible with Mac and Windows computers.

What are its advantages over other Internet providers?

Choosing to use a satellite Internet provider like Hughesnet over a cable service means you can have higher download speeds and access that does not require a dial-up connection from wherever your home or office is located. Their dish antennas are advanced enough to secure you a satellite signal in the most far flung of locations. Many cable service providers do not serve rural areas, and other satellite Internet providers may also have restricted access areas too. This is not the case with Hughesnet, as they are one of the best rural internet options available.

Understanding their speed plans

Company offers 4 different plans for speed access according to these Hughesnet reviews. found that the offerings true range produced download speeds ranging between 5 to 15 Mps, with a steady 2 Mps of upload. What they also discovered is that those who were using a VPN had significantly reduced speed no matter what plan they were on. There is also an issue of accessibility. Depending on the clarity of your signal, you may have reduced speeds at different times during the day.

Keeping within your limits

It can be hard to keep within the limits of your satellite Internet plan at first. The increase in speed and fluid display of media can be enticing. Most people wind up going a little crazy with it for the first few months before they settle down into their normal use habits. The two biggest consumers of download allowance are streaming movies, and streaming music. You can set an alert for download usage in the menu settings so you can keep better control of how much you are using during the course of the month. Sometimes all that is needed is a reminder to keep yourself on track.

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Options for when you go over your limit

If you do find that you are going over your download limit with your satellite Internet there are options to avoid the decreased speed. You can restart your plan, or purchase more GB for the month. While that will provide you with a temporary solution, you need to figure out why you are exceeding your download limits. You can review your access history to see how you actually use your satellite Internet. The best solution may be for you to change your speed plan to allow yourself more room to use, rather than trying to cut back.

[Image credit: Justin Shearer, Flickr]