Baffling Buffering: Watching YouTube Videos On A Slow Internet Connection

There is probably nothing more annoying when you are trying to watch a video on the internet and there is a break in the action to allow your computer to catch up, so you have to watch the buffering count climb up to 100% before you’re good to go again.

If you are suffering from a slow internet connection speed and would rather watch some movie action without any buffering going on you might want to consider your download options so you can watch the action without interruptions. For example, there are many TV packages out there that offer great broadband services (visit website to learn more) that can help to improve your download quality, alongside providing you with TV services.

youtube video buffering

Slow connection

If you are struggling to move beyond a 56K for whatever reason then you are going to experience a slow connection which will regularly interrupt your enjoyment of watching the YouTube video you have chosen to view. It is often better when you have a slow connection problem to wait for the buffering to complete before you click on play so you don’t get any downtime while watching the content.

You might have a problem with that though with some of the current content on YouTube, as they are no longer buffering all the video when you click the pause button and if that is the case, the buffering simply stops and won’t restart until you press play again, meaning you are right back where you started and waiting for your slow connection to play catch-up.

Better technology

YouTube recently switched to the new Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP technology which is conveniently referred to as DASH, which works by segmenting media streams into blocks. This new whizz-bang technology is a great feature for most people with a fast internet connection but if you are on the slow-highway to nowhere with your speeds then it is not going to help you get around the problem.

Downloader tool

One sure-fire way around the problem of watching content with a slow internet speed is to use the YouTube Converter & Downloader. Using the YTD lets you download videos and watch them off-line where and when you want to. This could be a great idea for saving some videos on your tablet and letting the kids get some entertainment on long car journeys and it can also help some teachers to download appropriate educational content at home if the school does not allow downloads on site, so they can bring them into the classroom the following day.

Other ways to watch

If you still want to try and watch online then you could try a few adjustments to get around the problem of a slow connection. One way to try and avoid constant buffering would be to select a lower video quality in your settings which you will find from the gear icon down on the right side of the video player.

You could also try adjusting the video player size which is set on Auto by default and you might even consider choosing shorter videos to watch, but do you really want to restrict yourself in that way?

Provided you follow the rules on content then downloading your YouTube videos to watch off-line could be the answer to your problem with a slow internet connection.

Make sure you remember to respect intellectual property.

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