Mouse Pad Alternatives: 15 Options You Already Have at Home

Are you tired of using the same old mouse pad every day? If you’re looking to add some creativity and resourcefulness to your workspace, you’ll be surprised to know that there are plenty of everyday items lying around your home that can serve as excellent mouse pad alternatives. From unconventional materials to repurposed objects, these alternatives not only provide a smooth surface for your mouse but also add a touch of uniqueness to your computing experience. Let’s explore 15 surprising and readily available mouse pad alternatives you can start using today!

mouse pad alternatives
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15 Mouse Pad Alternatives

1. Hardcover Books

Give your old hardcover books a new purpose by using them as impromptu mouse pads. Their sturdy and flat surfaces make them perfect for accurate cursor control, and you can even showcase your favorite book covers as an added aesthetic touch.

2. Magazine Covers

Those glossy magazine covers can serve as temporary mouse pads, especially when you’re in a pinch. Lay the magazine flat on your desk, and you’ll have a smooth and sleek surface for your mouse to glide upon.

3. Place Mats

If you have place mats lying unused in your kitchen, why not bring them to your desk? Place mats often have a fabric or textured side, offering a suitable surface for your mouse while protecting your desk from scratches and spills.

4. Corkboard Tiles

mouse pad alternatives - corkboard tiles
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Corkboard tiles make for surprisingly effective mouse pad alternatives. The soft and slightly textured surface provides just the right amount of friction for smooth mouse movements.

5. Notebook Covers

When you’re not jotting down notes, repurpose your notebook cover as a mouse pad. The durable cardboard or plastic material offers a stable base for precise cursor control.

6. Calendar Pages

Got an old calendar lying around? Tear off a page and use it as a temporary mouse pad. The smooth paper surface works surprisingly well for daily computing tasks.

7. Yoga Mats

Unroll your yoga mat onto your desk, and you’ll have a large and cushioned mouse pad alternative. The rubbery texture ensures your mouse stays in place while providing a comfortable surface for your wrist.

8. Drawer Liners

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Drawer liners with non-slip surfaces can double up as mouse pads. Trim a piece to fit your desk area, and you’ll have a practical and cost-effective alternative.

9. Fabric Scraps

Leftover fabric scraps can be creatively repurposed into personalized mouse pads. Simply adhere the fabric to a piece of cardboard or a sturdy backing, and voila! You have a custom mouse pad that reflects your style.

10. Vinyl Records

For a touch of nostalgia and retro charm, old vinyl records can be repurposed as mouse pads. The smooth and slightly grooved surface adds a unique flair to your workspace.

11. Bed Sheets

If you have old bed sheets lying around, they can make excellent oversized mouse pad alternatives. Lay the bed sheet flat on your desk, and you’ll have an expansive and comfortable surface to move your mouse around.

12. Duct Tape

duct tape
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Creating a mouse pad out of duct tape is quick and easy. Simply layer strips of duct tape sticky-side-up until you achieve your desired size, then cover it with a smooth layer of duct tape, sticky-side-down. The result is a durable and smooth surface for your mouse.

13. T-Shirts

Unleash your creativity by repurposing old graphic t-shirts as mouse pads. Cut a piece of cardboard to your desired size and wrap the t-shirt tightly around it. Secure the fabric on the back with tape or glue, and you’ll have a unique and personalized mouse pad that reflects your interests.

14. Shoebox

An empty shoebox can be transformed into a functional mouse pad. Simply cut off the top cover, and you have a flat surface that can comfortably accommodate your mouse.

15. Cardboards

Cardboards are versatile and easy to find. Cut a piece to your preferred size, and you have an eco-friendly and disposable mouse pad alternative that provides a smooth surface for your mouse.


Ditch the conventional mouse pad and embrace the creativity of everyday items to elevate your computing experience. From hardcover books and magazine covers to yoga mats and fabric scraps, there’s no shortage of surprising and easily accessible mouse pad alternatives. Not only will these alternatives add a personal touch to your workspace, but they will also remind you of the resourcefulness and ingenuity that lies within everyday objects. So, go ahead and explore the possibilities, and discover the perfect mouse pad alternative that suits your style and needs.