Your Guide to Buying a Used Laptop That Works

Buying any product used leaves many in heavy thought. After all, you’re putting money towards a product that someone else previously owned and used, and you want to be able to use the item to its fullest. You don’t want to purchase a used item with the impression that it will work only for it to break down.

Many people choose to buy used as opposed to new in order to save money. Also, many have bought used items that worked to their fullest. While it’s easy to be discouraged by stories of used items instantly breaking or malfunctioning, what many overlook is that even new and unused products can have their faults.

If you’re in the market to buy a used laptop but want to ensure that you purchase a laptop that won’t leave you discouraged and is worth every penny, here is your guide to buying a used laptop that works.

used laptops
Buying second-hand products is always green, but make sure you’re not buying a high-tech lemon when it comes to buying a used laptop.

Decide what laptop you want

First, decide what type of laptop you want. You should take into consideration what you will be using the laptop for as this will determine the size of the laptop itself, the screen size, keyboard layout, and different feature such as a USB port and CD drive. You can search online and in stores and compare laptop brands as each brand offers unique and different features. By researching and reading various laptop reviews, you can figure out what laptop you want and fits your needs.

Shop around for a store

Next, determine where to buy your laptop. You can conveniently search online as well as check out local dealers, or shop straight from a manufacturer. If you shop online, be sure to research the rating of the seller to ensure you’re purchasing a functioning laptop and won’t be ripped off. Also, if you buy from a seller online, it’s preferred to meet in person to ease your worries. Buying from a manufacturer may be more expensive, but the laptop will come with a warranty.

Compare prices

While deciding the laptop you want and where to buy from, you should compare prices in order to get the best deal possible. While lower costs may leave you pondering if the laptop functions, you should also avoid sellers who want to offer you an extremely high price for a laptop. You should take into account the age of the laptop and the features it offers. This will help you buy a laptop of good quality and at a fair cost.

Examine the laptop

Whether you get the opportunity to examine the laptop prior to buying, or you recently bought the laptop, before you use it you should examine it. You want to keep your eye out for a faulty hard drive or CD drive, as well as examine the laptop battery’s life. If any of these malfunction, let the seller know in order to avoid buying a malfunctioning laptop or to get a discount on the laptop. Also, check for any cracks on the laptop. While a crack doesn’t mean the laptop doesn’t work, you may be able to reduce the cost of the laptop.

Take care of it

The number one reason why laptops don’t survive as long as an owner would like them to is because they aren’t taken care of. Be sure to take good care of your laptop to avoid it from crashing. A laptop can crash for various reasons including viruses, failing drives and an overused processor. Also, if you carry your laptop, be sure to buy a protective bag to prevent any outside damage or cracks.

Buying a used laptop doesn’t have to leave you worried as long as you follow these steps.

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