New Technology allows for Smear-Free Touch Screens

smear-free touch screen

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Annoyances of a Glass Touch Screen

I would love it if my Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPad had smear-free touch screens. My iPad is great. I use it daily and it makes it so easy to work from anywhere. But one of the biggest annoyances I experience is seeing my fingerprints smeared all over the screen. It becomes a huge distraction when I’m trying to work, or when I’m playing a fun game. It doesn’t matter how clean a person you are, your skin naturally has oils that are left behind when touching things, especially glass. Technology has given us some really cool devices that are capable of doing many wonderful things. But why can’t technology prevent finger smudges?

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Advancement in Smear-Free Touch Screens Technology

A Japanese company, Toray Industries, has created an ingenious new coating that significantly reduces the annoyance of finger smudge marks on device screens caused by oils. The coating has two important characteristics that work together to make smudges less noticeable.

First, the coating is oil repellant. It allows less than 50 percent of oil and grease from your fingers to build up on the screen. That alone represents a significant advancement in smear-free touch screens.

The second characteristic featured in the coating is a wrinkled structure which makes any smudges that are on the screen barely visible. Your eye is not able to see the wrinkles in the coating because they are so tiny. Both technologies work together in the same coating to make smudge marks almost invisible.

I’m very excited about the new technology and hope to see it soon. I look forward to the day when I can work, even in brightly lit areas without having to clean my screen with a microfiber cloth every few minutes. And let’s be honest, it is embarrassing when handing an iPad to friends for them to look at something and all they see is fingerprints. Toray Industries is working with current tablet and smartphone makers to incorporate the coating into the manufacturing process. If Toray can accomplish this, then sooner, rather than later, we should see truly smear-free touch screens.

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Do you find oily touch screens annoying? Would you like to see this technology on our future touch screen gadgets? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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