5 Outdated Technologies That You Need to Stop Using

outdated technology

Some technological devices are old and outdated, yet still in circulation. Whether it is because people love them, necessity, or just plain old emotional attachment, these devices need to be replaced with newer, better looking, and more efficient gadgets with better outputs and results.

If you have any of the following gadgets, it is time to upgrade and get yourself a better version of it; something snazzier, more powerful, faster, something that just beats them hands down. No matter how useful you might think these old items are, there are even better and more valuable upgrades out there.

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1. Dial-Up Modem

Dial-up internet, the old standby of internet access, is practically extinct. There’s broadband now, T1 lines and tons of faster, more powerful internet connections. So, unless there’s an absolute need for it, such as your community not offering broadband, you should upgrade to faster connections.

This is even more imperative in the workplace given the enormous amount of data the average small and medium scale business gobbles up on just research. Any company using dial-up is most likely setting itself up for failure nowadays.

2. Pagers

These were “status symbols” in the 90s. It was, usually, the insignia of the busy and prosperous people. It was often very common among doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, anyone who was anyone or into any major business or sector had one.

Cell phones have effectively replaced them. This does not mean that there isn’t an active market for it though. A 2012 study by the CEA showed that $7 million worth of pagers were bought in that same year. Some doctors still use it though. However, a cell phone is better and more efficient.

3. Fax Machines

In the not too distant past, this was a popular item in every office. In fact, any office without a fax machine was not considered serious. There was always the humming sound of faxes coming through those machines at all hours of the day.

Nowadays, fax machines are completely outdated. They have been replaced by online faxing systems which offer the added advantage of speed of delivery, privacy and easy access. Upgrade to an online faxing system today, you will not regret the move. In fact, you can find a fantastic website for online fax comparisons by going to www.findafax.com.

4. Typewriters

Some writers still use these, even though they have been out of circulation for a while. Whether it is out of emotional attachment or a symbol of something important to them, there’s the more recent and better option of PCs, tablets and Macs.

Pick one of your choosing, and you’ll never have to worry about where to find ribbons or special typewriter oils. Not to mention the fact that you can carry the PCs around and start typing furiously when an idea hits in the middle of a walk or coffee break.

5. PDAs

According to the CEA, about 350,000 of these gadgets were sold in 2012 to the American public. They were sold to companies, warehouses and hospitals that still use it to collect and store data. So, unless you are just interested in old fashioned organizers, there’s no need for one. The average smartphone can do all that it used to do so easily and then some.

About the Author: Oscar King is a small business consultant who never ceases to be surprised at the obsolete and outdated technologies he frequently finds in failing small businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about Oscar, you can visit his profile on Google+.

[Image credit: Tim Knifton, Flickr]


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