The Web Is Transforming The Holiday Industry

In previous years, the only way to discover information about an individual holiday resort was to ask friends or family members, or to rely on the advice of a travel agent. The latter option wasn’t always a reliable choice, however, because a professional specialist would often have a vested interest in pointing members of the public towards a particular destination, and therefore the guidance wouldn’t have been as independent as you might have wanted.

The Web Is Transforming The Holiday Industry

Getting information from the worldwide web

These days, the worldwide web has changed the situation beyond all recognition, and we can at last seek out genuine opinions from members of the public. One of the many benefits of this situation is that we can now discover whether a location offers all the facilities we would expect to find, or whether it is perhaps lacking in certain areas, such as the provision of water sports being offered, or the variety of restaurants in the local vicinity.

Nowadays, all you need to discover the facts about a specific resort is a computer and an Internet connection. There are several websites dedicated to showcasing specific destinations in all parts of the world. From the traditional hot-spots of southern Europe and the Middle East to the far-flung holiday venues of the USA and Australia, it’s now so simple to do a little research before committing to making an actual booking.

Discovering the real truth

As well as specific resorts in every country of the world, we can also find out vital information about individual hotels. There are times when tourists have managed to find the perfect holiday destinations that catered to every one of their needs, only to have the trip ruined by poor accommodation. Although the resort was a highly impressive one, the vacation will always be somewhat tainted by the individual establishment.

The Internet allows us to utilize all the experiences of others before making any decisions. Overseas holidays are not inexpensive, of course, so it makes sense to do a little preparation before choosing the destination and the accommodation. The web has transformed the way we find and review locations, but it has also allowed us to book vacations with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of speed.

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Online booking has made the whole process a veritable piece of cake now, which is a welcome relief to those of us who remember the days when it took half a day of negotiating in the local travel agent’s office. The tide of technology is a never-ending one, of course, and in recent times it has even become possible to book flights, car hire, hotels and even tickets for theme parks with the humble mobile phone.

The internet is a great source to seek information on a holiday destination, do you use the internet for this purpose before planning for a holiday? Do you think online booking has made going for a holiday vacation easier and convenient for you? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Author : David Rice works in the leisure industry in the UK, and makes regular trips abroad. He likes to make travel bookings via the Internet.


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