Reasons Not to Root Your Android Phones

Are you a proud owner of an Android smartphone? Then you might have come across the term ‘rooting’ whenever you search on the web for Android related queries. Rooting is a common term among Android users.

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What is Android Rooting?

Rooting refers to the manipulation of structure of Android mobiles so as to obtain privileged control. Rooting will overcome the hardware and carrier limitations of your Android devices. When you read the benefits of rooting, you would surely feel that it is the most necessary one for your needs and you would almost come to a decision to root your device. But don’t get tempted right away. Just think of the cons or consequences of this event before making such a move.

Following are the most common problems that would arise if anything goes wrong in rooting:

• Rooting the Android device is a complicated task and can be done only by experts. Even if you have how-to-do manuals, it is advised not to try it on your own. Even when you are taking expert help, there are chances that rooting may fail. Since it is not a guaranteed thing, no one gives warranty or assurance while heading for rooting of Android.

• In case, if the rooting fails? What would be the consequences? Have you ever thought about it? If you have, you would most probably never opt for rooting. It is because of the reason that the mobile can become useless upon failure of this process. Your phone will turn in to a brick; that means, unfit for any purpose.

• Most important thing on the legal front is that, rooting your Android device will break any warranties. Whether it is carrier warranty or manufacturer warranty, they will all become void once you take up this process. That means, if anything goes wrong and the phone needs repairing, you will have to pay for it to get it repaired.

• On the technical front also, there are possibilities of few mishaps. For instance, the processor of your smartphone might burn out due to over-clocking, burning out of pixels in the screen, etc. Even the SD card might wear out prematurely in such cases.

• There are also chances that rooting will cause increased mobile bills. It is because of the reason that, your mobile can now be able to download huge data to your laptop or any other device when unchecked. So, Android rooting would also cause monetary costs too.

• When overall performance is considered, rooting generally causes instability of Android mobile. It is because of the reason that you are implementing ROMS and best testing alterations before they are actually turned in to daily drivers. So, you can expect better performance, but along with lots of bugs.

You have spent your hard earned money to purchase yourself a smartphone. So, it will not be a good idea to root your phone and make it unstable. It is advised to go for rooting unless you feel the necessity. With zeal to maximize your utilization and performance from Android smartphone, don’t put your device into trouble by rooting it.

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