Welcome to The Revolution of Social Media

It’s pretty obvious that social media has had a profound impact on our lives, and has revolutionized the world. But, did you know that there are a lot of changes coming to social media as well. 2016 is going to see a revolution of social media the likes of which we haven’t witnessed before. So, it’s important to look at how social media will change, and the impact it’s going to have on us.

revolution of social media

News Feeds

This is something that is already prevalent on sites like Facebook and looks set to become even more integral. There is a news feed option where users can find out about topics that have been trending online and in the media. This is an important social media tip because it helps to make people more aware of what’s going on in the world. And it’s a great way of generating interest in the news among younger users. You can find out about topics and follow links to things without ever having to leave the site. This is something we’re can expect to see much more of this year and in the coming years as well.

Record Videos

Since Facebook got its revamp it has allowed users to record videos straight onto the site. Beforehand it was possible to upload your own videos to the site as you do with pictures. But, now you can share live videos at the click of a button, and they go straight to your status. This is a wonderful way of interacting with your friends and followers. This looks set to evolve even further as Facebook will begin incorporating Oculus. This will allow users to experience virtual reality videos in the future! This will change everything we thought we knew about social media and the way we use it.


Yes, believe it or not, social shopping is one of the latest crazes that looks set to revolutionize social media. Over the past year sites like Twitter have begun to incorporate product pages that allow users to shop. You can do this through the use of buy buttons, and won’t ever have to leave your feed. This is like online shopping taken to the next level. It capitalizes on our love for social media and how it can influence our lives. We are more likely to trust recommendations from a friend, and we can now use this recommendation to buy immediately. For now, social media shopping is primarily based around clothes and gadgets, but who know what the future holds.

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Okay, so, emoticons have been around for a while, but not on the scale they are now. A quick look tells us that there are 469 Facebook emoticons available. And this figure looks set to rise in the future. These have really revolutionized social media because they’ve changed the way we communicate. Now, all our statuses contain emoticons we use to convey mood, feelings and reactions. This has led to shorter messages and more reactions and comments from users. It will be interesting to see the impact that emoticons have on our use of social media in the future as well.

It’s pretty clear that there is a massive change taking place across social media. We’re approaching the next phase in the process of making social media a global powerhouse. These changes and evolutions are revolutionizing the social media sites we use, and changing the way in which we use them.

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