SendPulse Review: Best Features to Look For In an Email Marketing Service Provider

Though the definition of Wikipedia quotes email marketing as the act of sending commercial messages to the potential and existing customers, the real-world definition and work protocol for this technique go beyond these few simplified words.

The internet aficionados and economic experts define this technique as a segment of the internet marketing aimed at promoting the selling objective of a particular business.

Most of the times the email marketing messages forwarded to our email addresses automatically go into the spam folder because the internet settings assort and display our primary emails as per our proprietary needs. Rather than sending out the promotional emails to every individual targeting a particular group would yield more proficient results.

Preparing their own customer’s email address list, optimization for the smartphone application, online market campaigning, monitoring sales and order statistics, and many more of the sort are considered to be the ideal practice set for a genuine email marketing servicing.

The business market is flooding with such service providers but being the best you should beat the best.


Serving with genuine logistics and commitment levels, SendPulse is one such commercial messaging platform providing email marketing services via emails, Web push notifications, SMS, SMTP and much more. Being an integrated commercial messaging platform this app stands true to the saying ‘things are more than what they appear to be.

This email marketing tool is kept in high regards among the business peers when it comes to an affordable market campaigning with minimum wastage or mobilization of resources.

With an easy to set up and free start trial work protocol, this service has managed to garner a reputed name for itself with work priority & target areas that often get sidelined but have a high potential for enhancing the business success.

Let’s take a look at the features of SendPulse:

Drag n Drop Editor

Drag n Drop Editor

We all know that an eye-catching and feasible work frame attracts the attention of all and if the designs could be customized at a minimum price rate, then there’s nothing that could stop you from opting for that promising result.

SendPulse marketing service gives the liberty to choose the promotional messaging layout from the available templates in HTML editor, Template Editor, & template import sections to choose for a variety of purposes ranging from news, entertainment, commerce as well as basic style depending upon the need and aim of the promotional task.

The users can have this facility of drag-selecting a particular template and dropping it to the required location with available options of background editing and the subsequent mobile preview of the created work layout.

Email Subscription Forms

Email Subscription Forms

This service allows the user to select their own style of subscription layout with the liberty to opt for the desired color, design, and information layout.

The form builder feature of the app allows the user to create their own recognizable elements, edit text, and insert graphics as per their requirements and wishes.

The availability of the three subscription form prototypes, namely Embedded, Pop-up window, & Floating form- users find it suitably easy to choose a subscription form that fulfills the needs of both themselves and their targeted customers.

The customers are provided with a variety of newsletter subscription options depending upon their ease-of-use.

Email Automation 360

Email Automation 360

Remember those ‘items in the cart’ notifications every time you log on to your favorite shopping site. These are the reminder notes that fall under the Automation 360 feature that oversees all the marketing services starting from the product browsing to the gratitude field thank you note sent to the customer.

From reminding the visiting customer of their saved items in the wish list to the friendly information about the upcoming discount collection, the customers get exposed to all the promotional strategies through this section, and the marketers earn their worthwhile share of profits.

Email Templates

Email Templates

This app provides the viewer with the option to browse through the available email templates of the required theme and choose the one after that. Whether it’s the holiday travel package promotion or healthcare awareness campaign, this service can be utilized for the efficient promotion with required highlights of the specialized sections and the corresponding background editing options.

From holiday packages, restaurant chains, travel & tourism, e-commerce sector, business dealings, healthcare to education & learning, this email marketing service has been regarded high and mighty owing to its targeted work area and team expertise in the required fields.

Email A/B Testing

Email A/B Testing

Split testing could be regarded as a litmus test in lay man’s terms. Also christened as A/B Testing, this feature allows the message creator to send out an array of various versions of the designed messaging layout to the customers, out of which the emerging winner is chosen as the final messaging layout for the promotional purposes.

The designer sends out the multi-versed message template to a chunk of the regular customers, and the corresponding response is recorded for each of them. The trial layout that gets maximum responses is declared as the winner of the contingency run and is inculcated for the final work response.

Email Analytics

As supported by most marketing solution services out there, this email marketing service also keeps a close tab on its work-performance strategy by keeping a stringent track record of the input and output data. Availing a statically active data for any company is only possible if the marketing section is active enough to calculate and provide the most accurate data to the world.

From providing geographical numbers to the global scenario, with the help of apt SEO tactics the messaging developers are able to collect statistics for the territorial vs. global outcome, application device results, percentage error data, and much more. This service also provides the option to integrate and work with external logistics platform like Google Analytics.

Smartphone Optimized Design

While the whole world has found its living space in 5.5” smartphone screens and its higher variants, it is only logical for marketing services to fix their stump on the smart-device platform. Almost 100% of the email marketing service firms now have mobile optimization as their prior task following the set up of the suitable messaging layout and subscription letter.

For most of the regular fellows, this would mean a minor adjustment of screen adaptation for a comfortable display option. But as already stated, nothing is what it seems. Programming and scripture for the various screen adaptations take hours of work and precision, where even an inch of misplacement could heavily affect the resultant outcome. SendPulse provides its viewers with the best of smartphone and tab optimization to avail them the comfort they are paying for.


Sendpulse email marketing platform is meant for everyone. This platform comes with subscription plans for newbies, professionals, and corporations.

If you are a blogger or newbie marketer who wants to test a new approach to marketing, then you can choose free plan. If you are a professional internet marketer or content creator who is already familiar with email marketing world, then pay as you go or monthly plan is the perfect option for you.

And if you are a BIG Brand or a corporation with millions of subscriber in your mailing list, the best way to explore the feature of Sendpulse is to opt for VIP Plan.

Sendpulse offers two different subscription models. 1st is for the email service, and the 2nd is for their SMTP service.

Email Service Pricing Plan:

  1. Free – Free subscription gives you complete access to the features of Sendpulse platform. The only limitation is on the number of subscribers you can have (max – 2500) and the number of emails you send send per month ( max – 15,000 ).
  2. Monthly subscription – Its best suited for professionals who have more than 2500 subscribers and want to send more than 15,000 emails per month. The basic plan starts at just $9.85 and goes upto $7000 which gives you a limit of 5-Million subscribers.
  3. Pay as you go – This subscription model is best suited for those professionals who don’t need to send too many emails to their subscribers. The plans start at 10000 messages for just $32 and go to as high as $812 for 500000 messages.
  4. VIP plan – If you have millions of subscribers on your mailing list and want to send emails regularly then, Sendpulse can create a new plan for you. All you need to do is to contact them.

SMTP service pricing plans

Sendpulse offers 12,000 free emails with every account, but if you need more than that, then you can subscribe to premium plans.

  1. Monthly subscription – The basic plans start at just $8.85 and put a limitation of 25,000 emails. If you need more, then you can choose bigger plans.
  2. Pay as you go – If you don’t send too many emails, then this is the best option for you. You only pay for the messages you send to your subscribers. The basic plan starts at just $15 giving you the ability to send 10000 messages and goes as high as $780 with a limit of 1-million messages.