Android App

Yes, we have created Android app which you can download to your Android devices. With this app, you can easily receive updates from on your Android phones and tablets.

Computer How To Guide Android App

If you wish to download our app, go to this link : Android App and follow the on screen guide to download our app into your phone or tablet.

You can create an Android app for your site too. Using this site called Free Blog Apps (yes, it’s FREE) and you can turn your blog into a mobile app. Just follow the step by step guide, there are some icons and app’s background colors to choose from so that you can customize your app. It’s very easy to set up and there’s nothing to be installed. The next thing you know, you’ve got your blog its very own Android app. While your app is ready to be downloaded, Free Blog Apps will at the same time submit your app to the Android Marketplace to be reviewed. This could be useful in driving traffic to your site if your app is approved and put up in the Android Marketplace. Have fun!

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Click the Download App button below to download Android App.

CHTG Android app download button

Or alternatively, you can scan the QR Code below with your phone and download our app. (Grab Barcode Scanner app for Android here)

Computer How To Guide QR Code

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What do you think of our Android app? Have you downloaded it? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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