What to do if Skype is not working?

Most of us use Skype every day. It is a good, easy and free way to communicate. But what if it’s not working? What to do then? Well, here are few steps to take in your quest to resolve the issue.

skype not working

1. Check the basic stuff

First you need to do the most obvious stuff. Check if you have entered your Skype name and password correctly, check if you have working internet connection, try closing Skype and opening it again. You could even restart the computer. These are simple actions that will help you understand if you actually have a real problem or it is some kind of one time mistake or error.

2. Is it a global problem?

If you actually have a problem with using Skype, then it is a good idea to first check if it is a global problem. Sometimes this happens to the Skype network. There is a special website, made to keep us informed for these kinds of issues. Visit heartbeat.skype.com and check for the latest posts. If there is currently a global problem you will find information there.

3. Google it

Since it is not some mistakes and it is not a global problem, it is time to get serious and Google it. In most cases you will be getting an exact error message, which is good. Write it in Google exactly how you see it and hit Enter to search for solutions. Include the error code if there is one. If the error message is too long, just search for the first part of it. Even if the problem does not include an error message, you can describe it with your own words. In most cases you will find forum threads or even full articles explaining the problem and possible solutions.

You can make your search more precise with Google commands. For example you can search only in the official Skype forums by using the command site: and then the website name. Just include this before your search query: site:community.skype.com.

4. Take matters into your own hands

If Google did not help you then things are even more serious. It is time to get your hands dirty and try some things that may help with a variety of Skype related problems. For example you can uninstall the program and then install it again or try another version of the program.

If it does not work you can delete the Shared.xml and Shared.lck files. This sometimes helps. To find these two files do the following: type in the address bar of windows explorer %appdata%/Skype and hit Enter. After you delete them try to open Skype again.

Another general problem solving tip is to use the Windows tool called System Restore to turn back time for your system and go to the date before the problem occurred. This can be used to solve many software related issues.

5. Seek help

If nothing helped you have no choice but to ask someone to help you. You can ask a friend, an online forum or the Skype support team. You choose. If you prefer a forum the best thing to do is to go to the official Skype forum and start a thread there.

You can also contact the Skype team but do not think it is as easy as dropping them an email. Follow these steps to actually contact them:

  1. Visit their support website at: http://support.skype.com/
  2. Please try to find an answer to your question first by searching their Knowledge Base.
  3. If you do not find an answer, click “Get more help” in the far-right column
  4. Sign-in using your Skype account username and password
  5. Select Email Support
  6. Fill out the form with as much information as possible and click the “Send Support Request” button at the end.

It’s very common sometimes that Sykpe doesn’t work. Hope with the tips above, you will be able to at least do something to determine what are the causes and try to resolve the problem. Happy Skype-ing!

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