Social Media Apps Changing Smartphone Functions

The internet has taken a turn towards the social. With users spending most of their time on social networks and connecting to friends and family through a variety of different sites, most users are changing their computing habits. It is not uncommon to see users with more than one social network account and hundreds of friends and followers. This has sparked a change in the way smartphones are used and even designed.

social media apps

Social Networks Taking Over

Since the introduction of social networking, the internet, businesses, and internet users have adapted to the boom of being connected. With so many sites to choose from, endless possibilities of reaching out, and even the advertising possibilities, social networks are currently running the internet. This of course has spilled over to the mobile market and how smartphones are being used.

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Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn are among the heavy hitters of social networking. Each site has created an appfor mobile users to keep up with the streams of conversations coming in from all of their social media portals. This is also sparking a need for more socially friendly phones to reach the market.

Mobile Adapting

Many manufacturers are including phone features that allow users to easily upload photos, videos and comments to their social networks. The HTC Status is one of those devices with a Facebook button build right into the phone. With a press of this button users can create a new posting that will instantly be uploaded to their Facebook page and keep their circle of friends updated.

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Business Interactions

In business social networks have become a must have for many companies. The use of these large people filled pools allows a company to easily keep potential customers updated on special promotions, new product release or added services. This is free advertising that can reach thousands with just a click of the mouse or tap of the touch screen.

Many websites and blogs are also utilizing these social networks for their followers to keep up on posts, advertisements and coupons that bring them to their site and drive traffic. In the coming months, these social interactions will become standard in increasing page ranking for SEO marketing. Google has taken a deep look into the social interaction between humans and websites or blogs that they visit. The sites that can spark social interaction on their site will now reap the rewards with greater page ranking and more search results.

The use of social networks will never go away, but rather evolve. In the future the giants will still stand tall, the phones will still connect us all, and socially driven computing will replace conventional methods of keeping in touch with friends and family. The future of the internet and smartphone usage looks to be very social.

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