6 Steps in Making A Safe and Strong Internet Password

Passwords are like precious keys to a man’s safe. There are a lot of information that can be saved in the internet these days including: personal information, important documents, and the hacker favorite bank account information. For these things to be safe, you need to lock it up with a fool proof password. A password complicated enough for hackers to figure out but too memorable for you to forget.

Some people might have difficulty in remembering their password so they opt to make less complicated ones not knowing the dangers of a hacked password. Others just don’t put much importance on passwords that they just make short versions of it. When making a password especially in the internet, people should be extra careful. Once a person’s password is compromised in the internet, it is a chain reaction of unfortunate events for the owner.

how to create a strong password

Here are some steps to make an internet-safe password :

1. The longer the better

Internet passwords require at least six characters; make it more than the required characters. The longer your password, the harder for others to figure out.

2. Use a base-word

Base-words are a series of random words that are really memorable to you. Try connecting names of your favorite cars, flowers, your children’s name etc., and make mnemonics out of it. Example: PontiacFordDodge will become “ponfordo”.

3. Put numerical values on the mnemonics

Put the numbers on your mnemonics to make it secure. To make it more memorable to you, use something that is connected to the base-word you have chosen. For cars for example, you can use their respective year models; for flowers, the month they bloom; and your children’s ages. Example: “ponfordo” plus year models “697274” will become “ponfordo697274”.

4. Include punctuation and symbols

To add more complication on your password, add punctuations. This will give more strength to your password. Example: “ponfordo_69*72*74”.

5. Take advantage of high and low caps

Use a combination of small and big letters in your password. Example: “PonForDo_69*72*74”.

6. Put a personal clue for your password

Using another base-word, make clue for yourself that refers to your password. For this instance, you are using your favorite American muscle cars so: Example: “MyAmMusclePonForDo_69*72*74”.

Using these basic steps in creating a strong password will definitely ensure that you are safe when you are transacting on the internet. However, there are still other instances that passwords can be compromised without you even knowing it if you are not very careful.

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The Big NO with Passwords

  • Do NOT tell your password to anybody; and that means ANYBODY at all.
  • Do not make your password your trademark; writing and leaving them behind on tables, chairs, etc.
  • Be careful about the things you are signing yourself up on the internet that requires passwords; they might be hacking instruments administered by hackers who wants your password.

Do It

The steps in making a secure password are already given above. It is up to you to follow these steps to make an internet-safe, fool proof password for your accounts. Try also to follow the tips provided on the things you need not do with your “safe” password to avoid compromise.

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